Fantastic Storage Ideas for Your Home

Many people live in a small apartment or home, so getting fantastic storage ideas for your home is very beneficial. Why not make the space you have work to your advantage. There is a lot of wasted space in every home; these wasted areas around your home can suddenly become a storage area. Places such as, corners, underneath a bed, behind doors, even in foyers, anywhere that has an empty space.

Corners Are Great Storage Areas

Everywhere there is a corner, can become a most valuable storage area, they are perfect for children’s rooms, bathrooms, and many other rooms in your home. You can shop around your local home improvement store to get some great ideas for corner shelves, however if you are good with wood working you may enjoy building these corner shelves yourself.

Space Saving Closets

Closets are constructed very poorly; they always leave some empty spots mostly over one’s head. By installing one or more layers of shelves above or below the main shelf you can add quite a bit more storage space than you had previously anticipated. You can also purchase some inexpensive shelf tiers at your local department or home improvement store. You can find them in various sizes, colors, and designs. Many are made from wood, metal, or plastic.

Using Windows

There are empty places over and under windows and doors. You can install long shelves in these places to give you some extra storage. You may not think that it will look very good just by thinking about it, but if you have someone hold a shelf up in the area just above or below the selected window or door you will actually like what you see.


The back side of a door is one of the most used ideas of today’s storage issues. There are already many types of shelves that simply hang on the back side, so that when the door is closed the room does not seem cluttered.

Use Space Saving Furniture

You can box extra items such as winter clothing or old toys that are very seldom used, and store them under the bed. If you purchased a Captain’s bed, you could have a few more drawers to place other articles into. You will find some storage space also under sofa’s and chairs. Some people purchase furniture that provides multiple uses, such as extra storage space underneath the cushions, of chairs and sofas.

Recycle Whatever You Can

When you are putting things in the trash, first look at it, and think whether or not it will make a good storage container. Things that can be used as extra storage containers are, old margarine bowls, empty tins, and large jars make fantastic storage containers.

Some Tips

Do you need more room to put your cooking pans? If so, try a hanging a strong curtain rod from the ceiling, low enough for you to reach it, then use S hooks to hold your extra pans.

Anytime you remove clothing from a drawer and put them back unfolded will clutter the drawer much quicker.

Take some time to look through some of the extra things that you have acquire, and decide if you really need it, if you don’t then it is time to get rid of it. Many places such as Goodwill, and Salvation Army, or some of the second hand shops will pick up your extra items.

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