Finding Wholesale Blue Jeans Online

Blue jeans can be found in millions of closets, worldwide. They are available in a wide variety of styles and worn by almost EVERYONE. Wholesale blue jeans will always be highly sought after items.

Blue jeans have been transformed into everything from handbags to quilts to halter tops to placemats to wall coverings. They are a smart choice when evaluating new items to add to your existing inventory or. Blue jeans are big sellers at auctions, flea markets and even upscale foreign boutiques. (In some of these shops, the more worn the jeans, the higher the price.)

You will learn, as you search for wholesale blue jean sources, that there are several different “quality levels” available.

1st quality wholesale blue jeans are usually of the best quality. They are guaranteed as perfect as a pair of new blue jeans can be. Most of the time these blue jeans are sold at wholesale prices, due to closeouts, over-runs and overstocks. They are usually purchased will all tags still attached.

“A” quality wholesale blue jeans are ALMOST 1st quality jeans. They usually have minor flaws such being slightly off color. Most have no other visible defects.

“IR” quality wholesale blue jeans are also known as irregulars. They have minor imperfections that are usually not noticeable by anyone other than the person wearing them.

There are also wholesale blue jean vendors that use “A”, “B” and “C” as their quality scale.

If you are searching for a reliable Internet resource that offers wholesale blue jeans, it is recommended that you research several options, before making a final decision. Many times, smaller wholesale companies will offer lower prices or smaller minimum purchases, in order to acquire a new account. These smaller companies usually provide excellent customer service, as well.

If you are in need of wholesale blue jeans for quilting or another type of sewing business, don’t forget to shop at yard sales and flea markets as a means of obtaining the fabric you need. You can also place a small ad in your local paper stating your interest in recycled blue jeans. There are always people in the process of cleaning out their closets, basements, and dresser drawers.

One possible online source of wholesale blue jeans is ( They don’t have a fancy website. But, they offer an excellent value, if you are in need of a large quantity purchase.

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