Five Gift Basket Themes

Gift baskets are a personal touch to standard present giving. It really says that you know the person instead of getting a random gift. Many go to high priced specialty services to get baskets when it’s both fun and frugal to make your own. Below are five themes that should work for most any occasion. Just remember, never underestimate the power of marked down pastel Easter grass and the colored plastic wrap that may be in your kitchen!

Garden Gate Basket
âÂ?¢Retro water jug as the “basket”
�Hand tools
�Fertilizer spikes

Baby Basket
�Wicker clothes basket
�Plush toy
�Baby wipes

Welcome to the Neighborhood Basket
âÂ?¢Baking dish as “basket”
�Recipe cards from neighbors
�Coupons for local events
�2 fluted glasses

Pasta Galore Basket
âÂ?¢Pasta Pot as “basket”
�Sauce mix
�Pasta fork
�Grated cheese
�Baguette of Bread

Childs Play Basket
âÂ?¢Beach pail as “basket”
�Construction paper
�Glue stick
�Safety scissors

This is just a starter set to spark your imagination and your creativity. Go ahead, look around and see what is just aching to be “basketed”. The receiver will definitely know that you didn’t just grab one off the shelf of your local Walmart, and will surely be impressed.

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