Five Ways to Recycle an Old Shower Curtain

When that old shower curtain becomes grungy looking or the hook holes have torn and it’s time for a new curtain, don’t toss out that old shower curtain. Recycle the old shower curtain in one of these five ways.

Bathing the Dog

My medium-sized dogs make quite a wet mess when I bathe them in the bathtub, and if the dog is a large breed, the mess only gets bigger. I keep an old shower curtain stashed under the sink (with the dog grooming supplies) so I can place it on the floor during doggie bath-time. Make a poncho out of a second old shower curtain by cutting a round hole in the curtain’s center and slipping it over your head so you can stay dry during doggie bath-time.

Painting Drop Cloth

Store an old shower curtain with painting supplies so when the next painting project is undertaken, a free drop cloth will be waiting. Recycle the shower curtain as a drop cloth to protect floors or furniture during an interior painting project or protect the concrete driveway or garage floor when painting objects outdoors.

Prevent Craft Project Mishaps

Craft projects seem to have a way of migrating to the kitchen table. Protect the kitchen table from finger paint, glue, glitter, cupcake decorating and Halloween pumpkin carving by spreading out the old shower curtain on the kitchen table before the craft project begins. When the messy craft project is complete, roll up the mess in the old shower curtain and toss in the trash.

Instant Mudroom Floor

When it’s rained or snowed for days, a home’s entryway become a mudroom. Protect the floor by spreading out an old shower curtain to create an instant mudroom floor that will catch all the muck until the weather dries up.

Ground Cover

Place an old shower curtain on the ground then cover with a table cloth for a dry seat at a picnic. Place an old shower on the beach sand then spread out the beach towels on the top to keep the sand off of the beach towels. An old shower curtain makes a great ground cover for many outdoor events, plus if a sudden rain shower pops up, grab the old shower curtain to use as covering to keep dry.






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