Free Ways to Advertise Your Work at Home Site

When you finish building your work at home site, you need to start thinking about getting your site known. In order to get people to visit your work at home site, you must advertise your work at home site. So how do you do that? Easy, you search for places to advertise for free. Start off with free advertising first, then once you get your work at home site out there, start paying for advertising. Here are some free ways to advertise your work at home site.

Message Boards – Visit message boards and advertise your work at home site. Also put your work at home website in your signature on the message board. There are many message boards that will allow you to post your sites on to advertise. Go to google and do a search on “work at home message boards”. That will give you alot of sites.

Guestbooks – Sign other sites guestbooks and put your website in the homepage feild. Visit work at home sites but also visit other sites like personal homepages.

AutoSurf – Sign up for autosurf programs. You can use the money and points you earn to advertise your own site. Some good autosurf programs are EZ Daily, Grandhits, and Primasurf. They are all free to sign up and they give you money and points to get you started.

Search Engines – Submit your work at home site to each search engine that will accept your link. Most search engines are free to submit. Search engines such as google, yahoo, excite, kanoodle, lycos, and many more will allow you to submit your

Link Exchange – Join free link exchange programs. The more links you have linking to your work at home site, the higher your search engine rankings. A few free link exchange sites are Dopey Fish, Linkalizer, and Linkateer.

Banner Exchange – Exchange banners and text links with other work at home sites. There are a lot of work at home sites that will exchange links with you. The best way to find banner and text link exchanges is to do a search on google. By searching on google for “Free banner and text link exchange” you will find sites that are willing to do it. But take my advice on this one, they tell you to add there site to yours and then they will ad your site to their site. Beware, there are some sites that never follow through. So my advice is keep checking to see if they add you. If they haven’t added you in a weeks time, I would delete theirs off my site.

Toplist – Find some toplist to add your work at home site to. Toplist are a great way to advertise your work at home site. Some nice toplist are Mommies Hot Spots, The WAH Mom Help, Top Mom Sites, Site For Parents,, and World Of Women’s Sites.

Classifieds – Post your work at home site on free classifieds sites. Offer free advertising on your site for a limited amount of time. The FREE Classifieds Directory is the best place to go for classifieds. The have hundreds of links on their site for
free classifieds.

These are just a few ways of advertising to get you started. There are many more ways to advertise your work at home website. Being able to work from home is very rewarding and at the same time, very stressful. Advertising can be very time consuming and frustrating, but it will pay off in the long run. At times you will feel like giving up, but stick with it, you will see results. I work from home and felt like throwing my hands up a many of times. Now looking back I’m glad I stuck with it. Just remember to advertise, advertise, advertise….

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