Fun Educational Websites for Kids

My kids are a bit on the older side, seventeen and thirteen, but they still like to have fun just like I do. I enjoy video games and even got a job reviewing them, but when it comes to our kids education, we need to make sure they enjoy what they are learning in order for them to want to learn. So in this same vein I offer these websites as a way for your kids to have fun and get the benefit of some education as well.

Brain Pop

My kids came home a few years ago with a note about this site and a password to get in, since then this is the first site they go to when they have a question about their school work, after first coming to their old man, of course.

They have an animated learning section on the major parts of school work and have free areas that you can visit. This site is not free, they charge a hefty sum for a school or district, but so many schools are using it that many are getting passwords for their students, so ask your school about it. They may have the codes to get in and you can learn about science, social studies, math, English, health and technology there.


If you need a particular subject in the area of science or nature, Discovery is the place for fun and informative learning. My kids go ape, not literally over nature and all kinds of things related to it. Discovery has all kinds of fun and interesting things to do regarding our world and the things we do in it. They have all kinds of links to networks that have so many different things to learn and do that it could give your kids a few weeks of things to find out about and, pause, discover. Animal Planet, Science Channel and Military Channel are some of their networks that cover the world of anything on TV and they have all kinds of stuff on their sites.

National Geographic

And speaking of nature and our world another great site that has all kinds of stuff about our world is National Geographic. They have a special kids area that are geared more towards the youth and the things they want to find out about. Plus they have all kinds of informational and educational things for help with anything like history, geography, cultures and our world.


Anything dealing with the outdoors is fun for my family, and this site is a great one dealing with the outdoors and animals, plants and wildlife. You can even hear the animals and other things on the site with their Field Guides and the sites and sounds of nature. They have descriptions of the animals and a sound recording to listen to what they sound like, thankfully no smells are included. ENature is part of the National Wildlife Foundation, a great wildlife foundation that is dedicated to preserving all wildlife and educating us about it.

Education Index

If you try and list all the possible web sites you can find that have free educational opportunities for your kids you could be here a long time, so to that end many people have come up with indexes to sites that are a real help if you need information on a particular subject, one of them is education index. You can find links to all kinds of sites related to a particular subject or browse their coffee shop and chat with others who are researching particular subjects or fields or just have some fun yourself.

Think Quest

Think Quest is a contest and educational site rolled up into one. They have competitions among students to come up with educational web sites and then put those sites on the web. They are a subject indexed library of all kinds of neat and informative stuff by students for students. There’s all kinds of things to find out about, and the neat part is it’s all done by kids.

Government Websites

The government has all kinds of web sites that they have listed for your help, they want our youth to get a good education and the Department of Education is in charge of that. There’s all kinds of different sites for you to research and find out about things like Arts, Science and Social Studies.

Sheppard Software

Want your kid to learn about science, geography or vocabulary and have fun at the same time. Try this site for fun games in different subject areas that are educational and fun.


Funschool is a part of the Kaboose network, an informative site for adults and kids with all kinds of craft, seasonal and holiday things. The Funschool is another site with all kinds of games for learning in all kinds of subjects.


Using cartoon like characters in games that are educational as well as fun, Funbvrain helps kids learn things they might not consider as fun. Many of the games are geared around sports or poplar subjects that kids can enjoy having fun with and learning.

Great Educational Websites

Just like it’s name implies, this is a link to other sites for educational topics and information. They list many subjects and have a lot of sites for you to choose from and can find out more at each site listed. They also have some very good information for parents about using the Internet and resources for parents to keep kids safe on the Internet.

Your school will know of sites that kids can find and enjoy learning. Ask and they will be able to get you steered in the right direction. Like many schools they may be part of a website or have access to ones that they want your child to visit and learn from. Ones like Brain Pop are what I am referring to, many schools and school districts will pay to be a part of the site or get access for students to help them learn and grow. Kids may not have remembered about them or lost the papers telling you about them so ask the school directly and they can offer some help.

Your local library has all kinds of neat and educational things, why not try out their web site. Ask and you can find out all kinds of things that they can tell you. They also have books and know of many web sites for education and can help you out for just about any subject or topic.

Many times you just need to know the right questions I order to get the right answer. It’s like trying to find something on the Internet, if you enter the right search engine and the right words, you will get the right answer. The same thing applies to our kids education, get the right web site or the right tools for learning, and our kids will learn and can have fun doing it.

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