Get Your Daily Astronomy Pictures and Lessons for Kids or Adults

Is astronomy your thing? Even if it’s not no one can resist fabulous pictures of shooting stars, setting suns, sky-high ocean waves and other fascinating world happenings. It’s long been known that there are anomalies in our world that are rarely seen by the human eye. Having a chance to view these spectacular events is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Visit this site and you’ll see black holes, spiral galaxies, the plants, rockets, observatory pictures, astronauts, comets and so much more: You’ll get a new and exciting image everyday. Each photo is accompanied by a brief explanation of the circumstances, the area, and the occurrence.

Space news, sky events, telescope pictures and more are found at Explore the universe, learn more about meteors, get tips on purchasing telescopes, or just view their awesome space photos.

Kids can get a quick astronomy lesson, and learn more about viewing stars and sky when they visit Another great astronomy site for kids is Kids can play games and learn a lot about space through interactive applications. This is a great site for students, teachers and just for fun.

At you’ll find an online calendar of night sky events, and access their interactive solar system guide. Find moon phases of future or past dates with their moon phase search. You’ll also enjoy the many photos, stories and other features of the site.

Ever heard of bad astronomy? Visit and discover astronomy misconceptions, hoax’s and plain old lies about our universe and all it contains. The site is fun and has many interesting articles concerning what we thought we knew about space.

At you’ll find impressive forums where you can ask questions about astronomy and related subjects. They have fabulous photos, in-depth articles and even a list of astronomy clubs in your area.

If you are just looking for general facts and statistics concerning the planets, stars, galaxies and constellations, you can’t beat this site:

Forum, articles, information and more at

All the latest astronomy news:

Definitions, articles, and more:

Enter your zip code before stargazing for some tips on where to look:

Facts, stats, and overviews about the solar system, planets and anomalies in the sky:

Historical background and basic astronomy concepts:

Astronomy thesaurus:

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