Getting a Promotion – Sell Yourself

From the time we begin working in a company or business, in the back of our minds, the goal is to move up the ladder, and achieve a higher status along with better pay. There are many steps to achieve this accomplishment, but a combination of many steps, are often necessary. A good amount of patience and fortitude is required.

Here are suggestions, to get promoted:

First, check to see if your company will consider you for the new promotion or if the company will seek only someone, from the outside.
Become knowledgeable of the requirements you will need to have, or perquisites, for the position you desire. If necessary, take any additional education or training. Show your record of how punctual, smart, reliable, expiated ethical standards, problem solving skills during the time you have worked for your company, and that you will continue this achievement, when promoted. Try to have a good sense of humor, when giving answers to questions. Acknowledge any awards, praises you have received, and any over time, that you voluntarily done, especially without any pay. Develop over time, a dependency your boss or company relies upon you. Make sure you always get credit for your accomplishments. Accumulate as many, letters of recommendations during the time you have worked in your current job, and or recommendations from other positions you held in the company.
During the interview, definitely acknowledge, any contributions you have made to achieve a higher status for your company. And, acknowledge, that you had participated in any previous board meetings you had attended. Disclose that you have taken any additional responsibilities in your current position. Use exhibits to highlight those accomplishments, besides having a current resume. Dress formal and without excessive make-up, cologne, perfume or jewelry worn. Practice at home, in front of a mirror or people, how you will present yourself, during the interview. Keep your answers short and to the point, except if further inquiry is requested. Avoid, saying any negative comments about any coworkers or any other candidates seeking the same position. Show your enthusiasm for the position you desire, but not a ridiculous manner. Tell how well you get along with your coworkers. And, how you have helped your coworkers, perform better in their jobs, based upon your suggestions, and created a more happier, working environment. Provide suggestions, what you would accomplish, if promoted to the new position, and a willingness to travel, for business trips, if necessary. Let your interviewer(s), know of your educational degrees. Finally, don’t make it seem, like a “life or death situation”, being considered for the new promotion, but always try to have other options available, if you are not considered for the promotion. Including continuing your current position or being hired by another company. During the interview, never threaten to leave your job, if your not promoted, since that shows your arrogance. You certainly have that option, if you decide to pursue that later. As the clichÃ?© often offers to “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know” that gets you promoted, which is the final thought.

After the interview, always acknowledge how you appreciated the time, taken for your consideration. And, shake the hands of each interviewer, before you leave. Walk away, feeling optimistic or enthusiastic, if you receive notification, of your promotion, before you leave.

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