Getting a Unique Engagement Ring

Like all things involved with “fashion,” engagement rings come in fads. While you may not get an engagement ring that looks just like everyone else’s, chances are that it will probably look similar to quite a few other engagement rings out there on others’ fingers. If you are looking for an engagement ring that truly expresses individuality and means a little something extra, here are a couple of ways to get a unique engagement ring.

Have it specially made.

There are many engagement ring and jewelry stores that offer the option to choose your own settings and stones. You can personalize a ring by having something laser-etched on the inside of the band. The best place, however, for truly unique designs, is to go to a certified goldsmith. There are still a few of these around (usually in larger cities or in small towns based on tourism, like those outside national parks). My wedding band was created at Red Rock Jewelry in Springdale, Utah (at the entrance to Zion National Park). It has a small diamond with two small emeralds on either side. But what I really love is the Celtic hands design that “holds” my gems.

When you have your engagement ring specially made, you have it made by a true artisan who can incorporate meaningful designs (adding to the symbolism of your union) and can use whatever gems you want. And, you usually pay a lot less for more when you take advantage of local craftspeople. A “custom” ring made at a chain jewelry or engagement ring store usually costs more than a regular ring.

Ditch the diamonds.

Diamonds tend to get ratherâÂ?¦boring. Besides, most of them come as a result of abject exploitation by De Beers. Many women have to have at least one diamond, but then it is nice to add other stones. My cousin’s fiancÃ?© has a diamond in the middle, and then on either side are the birthstones of the couple (luckily they are both blue stones). There are two more diamonds after that. My sister-in-law, however, desires no diamonds. Her ring will have either a pearl or an opal, bounded by rubies. Using birthstones or gems that you like particularly are good ways to personalize your engagement ring. At the very least, adding a small colored diamond can add uniqueness to your engagement ring by getting rid of the same old colorless gems.

Use an antique engagement ring.

Antique engagement rings have stories of their own. If you have your great-grandmother’s engagement ring, that can be quite the story. Or, if you like jewelry from a specific era, choose a ring that reflects that. Many antique engagement rings do not make exclusive use of diamonds (birthstones were popular), so you will be able to have a conversation piece with history, and it will sparkle with different color. Plus, connecting your love to great love of the past is a sweet way to say “I love you forever.”

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