Go Slim and Sexy with the Naturopathy Diet

Many of us must be seeking an answer for how to look sexy and slim. The are a zillion diet programs in the market today that catch your attention rolling out unsustainable weight reduction offers. No matter what the future of these products is, a great number of seekers line up in front of dieting centers and splurge recklessly on these diet programs. Its not necessary that they all will succeed in loosing weight, but one thing for sure will happen, they’ll lose a great deal of money and time on these. Infact, you can transform your body and mind yourself better than anybody else does it for you. You can be a dietician on your own. Here the holistic healing approaches take over the task of helping you out in achieving the desired physique. Naturopathy is a one amongst them.

The basic rule of Naturopathy is ‘in harmony with nature’. It is a holistic medicinal practice using natural means to achieve the perfect state of health and fitness. As long as there exists an undeniable relation between human beings and the Mother Nature, the relevance of Naturopathy cannot be deprived of. Naturopathy teaches us the basic lessons of achieving this harmony by means of fresh air, light, hygienic water, balanced diet and exercise. All these are the primary requisites of human life. Naturopathy tells us about the intrinsic healing power of human body. It stresses on treating the cause rather than symptoms through prescribed diet and regular exercises.

Yes, naturopathy prescribes a change in your lifestyle achieved through balanced nutrition, fasting to distill the body, hydrotherapy, mud therapy, steam therapy, exercises etc. It’s proven as an effective healing system widely used in eastern countries like , , , Indonesia etc. The primary purpose of taking food is to maintain the body and mind healthy by infusing the adequate protein, starch, vitamins and minerals. By prescribing nutrient rich food, naturopathy helps your body achieve the state of perfect health and wellness. I can suggest you a balanced diet that has been prescribed by Naturopathists from . It’s a diet program that can last for more than six months. But the prescribed diet can be prepared in your kitchen by yourself.

The diet package that starts with the simple breakfast and drink ends with a supper and a small pre-sleep drink. Choose a good day to start with this diet and lifestyle. When the diet is started you need skip your bed and breakfast drinks like tea coffee and milk. The complete abstinence avoiding alcohol and dairy products is preserved once accepting the natural diet. Fruit, vegetables and herbs are the main diet in naturopathy. When you get up in the morning, instead of bed tea you can drink either coconut water or a juice made of fresh cucumber, but with no sugar. Here begins the first stage in the purification of body.

For breakfast the perfect things are oats, muesli with no sugar, fresh fruits, vegetable sandwiches, sprouts of green gram, peas and nuts like almond and peanut. The boiled sweet corn and vegetable soups are also ideals for breakfast. Drinks can be herbal teas made of mint, tulsi, rosemary or green tea, Fresh fruit juice and soy milk are also good drinks with the breakfast. For lunch you have lots of choices. You can make salads with fresh vegetables but with out any kind of artificial dressings other than black pepper and salt. Vegetables, potatoes, corn can be steamed, boiled or baked and have for lunch. Sprouts are also good for lunch. Boiled rice and the whole wheat pancakes are also be used in the lunch.

No more starving during the naturopathy dieting. In fact many of us believe that starving is a part of dieting. You can eat as much as you want during the naturopathy diet program, but only the prescribed diet. Seeds and nuts are allowed as snacks in the naturopathy. Dry fruits are also a part of naturopathy diet. Fasting does not mean starvation. It’s a method of body purification. Fasting is observed by people who adopt this diet only once in a month. On the day of fasting one is supposed to have only drinks that cleans the body, such as cucumber juice and coconut water. Always keep dinner as minimum to the vegetable soups,fruits and salads.

Pranayama or meditation is an important part of naturopathy lifestyle. Meditation is always good to curb the emotions and anxiety and to purify the body and mind. Meditation observed with the fasting is the perfect method to cleanse your body and drain the excess fat from the body. The naturopathy diet program is a long process. It takes sometime for your body to react to the positive changes in lifestyle and food. Observed carefully and with patience this diet is going to make a miraculous change in your physique and personality for sure.

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