Grand Pack-N-Roll Portable Container Review

As the saying goes, “Everything looks better on wheels.”

This is true for the Grand Pack-N-Roll crate. The big black foldable box on wheels condenses compactly into a 3-inch wide flat pack that stores easily in any trunk or closet. When needed, it takes me a few seconds to open and secure the Grand Pack-N-Roll into the rolling crate form. This carries quite a bit with the Pack-N-Roll’s 80-pound storage capacity and 17.25″x15″x16″ carrying space. I’ve used the Grand Pack-N-Roll for toting heavy groceries from the car into the house, saving me several carrying trips and several back strains. When my sister lived in a condominium where the walking distance from the parking garage was quite far, she used this crate to hold her shopping goodies. Sometimes, she’d even put my toddler niece inside and tote her along with it.

I particularly like the handle which is ergonomically comfortable for my hand. It stretches long enough (23″) so I do not have to bend while toting the load. The rubberized wheels are wide enough to prevent wobbling and the container’s molded plastic is sturdy. It also has cut-out handles on all four sides which make it easy to grab on those rare occasions when I may need to lift it. (These are occasions which I try to avoid.)

Since straining my back during one of my crazy “Think-I-Can-Carry-Anything” stints, I bought several of these. I even use one as a laundry basket. On washing day, I just roll my load from my bathroom to the washing machine without strain. No more lifting heavy loads. When I was a traveling educator, I needed to carry heaps of supplies to classrooms. Others teased me when they saw me toting my things in the crate. However, within the week, I saw more and more educators utilizing this easy-use crate all around the campus.

The Pack-N-Roll was very useful when I went camping recently. I conveniently placed all my supplies into my crate and rolled it straight to my camping spot. When it was time to pack up, I just threw everything back into the crate and rolled it back to my car. It was as simple as that.

I highly recommend the Pack-N-Roll. I use it just about every day and it has made transporting much easier than before. In owning several of these, my strained back has been saved on many occasions. Every household should own a Pack-N-Roll.

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