Great Gifts for Teachers

Teachers work hard. They supervise your children all day and they teach them too. Most of them really do care about all of the children they instruct each day. While they don’t expect gifts from their students, an occasional reminder of your appreciation is always a nice touch.

Gifts for teachers don’t have to be big nor expensive. And, you don’t have to wait until the holidays or the end of the school year. A flower from your garden placed in a cup of water that can be placed on the teacher’s desk is a wonderful reminder that you and your child think of them. Or, your child can draw a picture or write a special note to their teacher thanking them for something specific they may have done to help the child. For instance, your child’s teacher may have just helped the child understand how to do multiplication and now your child is very excited about that. Have your child write a note of thanks!

If you are not creative and want specific ideas or if you want to do just a little bit more, here are some more detailed ideas:

1. Gift Cards: Teachers can always use a gift card. The amount does not matter. It can be as small as a few dollars on up. Anything is appreciated! If you are not sure what your child’s teacher likes or needs, a card to a store like Walmart or Target can be useful for any number of things. More specifically, teachers almost always like gift cards for bookstores and teachers with younger students may like a gift card for a craft store. Gift cards for movie rentals or even movie theaters are almost always popular as well as gift cards for restaurants. Teachers do have to relax, you know!

2. Picture frames: One can never have enough picture frames and as a teacher, this is something I always enjoyed receiving. Any size and style can be pretty and the prices can range from a dollar on up.

3. Baked goods: Make sure the teacher doesn’t have any allergies or dietary restrictions and then baked goods are always popular! Anything from simple brownies to your favorite cake or cookies will brighten a teacher’s day.

4. Candy: A burst of sugar is often the essential for getting through the afternoon! Unless there are allergies, chocolate is the hands down favorite in the school I worked at but hard candies and other sugary delights were also welcome!

5. Candles: Pretty candles and scented candles are usually a nice addition for most teachers. They brighten up the home and add some decorations.

6. Items for the home: Such things as throw blankets or decorative items are nice. I have a very pretty candy dish that was given to me by a former student. I always remember that student when I look at that candy dish. I also have a beautiful throw blanket that was given to me by another student. Again it reminds me of that student on a cold winter day when I snuggle under it!

7. Stationary: Any sort of stationary or pretty writing paper can come in handy. I was always grateful for a pretty pad or note cards since I write so many notes to both students and personal correspondence.

8. Gifts for the classroom: This can be appropriate games or supplies for the teacher and/or students to use in the classroom. It can be books as well. If you want to donate books or games, you may even want to ask the teacher what exactly she needs or may find appropriate. Instead of duplicating an item that is already available, you can give something unique even if it won’t be a surprise!

9. Group gifts: One of my favorite gifts came from an entire preschool class. One mom organized it and all of the parents of the children helped/donated in some way. I wound up with a giant gift basket with things picked out especially for me. The parents had asked me questions in casual conversations over the month prior to giving me the gift. Such things as asking if I enjoyed coffee and what my favorite color was. They asked “oh, do you like going to the movies?” and “so, what is your favorite _____?” By having different parents ask questions at many different times, I suspected nothing. By having lots of parents go in on the gift, they were able to each contribute a small amount and still make a very impressive themed basket for me. It was so much fun opening all of the individual items in front of the children too! I have also had parents who did a similar thing but instead of a themed basket, they simply all contributed and got me a gift certificate to the mall. Each parent only had to donate a small amount but because there were a lot of children, the gift certificate seemed big to me!

But, as I said in the beginning, even the smallest gifts are appreciated to the utmost. Simple tokens to show that you care can make a teacher’s day!

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