What Is a Native Species

Organisms which live in an area without any human intervention and are there due to natural reasons are known as native species. These could occur either by the evolution of organisms in that particular environment or could have also been brought there because of some natural causes. For instance, some plant seeds can be spread to a wide area due to winds or get attached to the skins of the animals and reach different places as the animals travel.

With time, these native species fit in their new environment by adapting.


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    Types of native species
    Two types of native species have been identified so far, these include: Endemic and Indigenous Species. The former are found in the intended location, while indigenous species can be found in other areas for natural reasons. The problem that Endemic organisms face is the threat of extinction due to their existence in a confined region. They adapt to survive in a limited range of conditions which makes them extremely vulnerable.

    However, the situation is different for indigenous organisms, as they evolve to survive under different conditions and thus face a better chance of survival.

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    The Spreading of Indigenous Species
    While plants travel through their seeds, animals on the other hand, spread with the increase in their population and through seasonal migrations. Animals migrate due to natural curiosity and change in landscape. By building towns and cities we destroy their natural habitat, forcing them to look elsewhere.

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    Threats to Native Species
    There are many threats to the survival of native species, as some of them, failing to meet the challenges, have gone extinct due to the destruction of their natural habitat and hunting. While hunting is being curbed, loss of land to humans is the biggest problem native species are facing right now.

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    Native species and their protection
    The first thing to protect the native species was to recognize their importance and the threat that they face. This has resulted in the formation of organisations which are working extremely hard to save these native species and their habitats. A list of endangered species is being maintained by The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) which conducts campaigns for the protection of these native species. The World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), formerly known as the World Wildlife Fund, is another organisation working very effectively in preserving the habitats of native plants, animals, and other organisms. It also contributes by running an adoption program for endangered species of animals.

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