Home Organization Tips from a FlyLady DropOut

In search of tips and tricks for housekeeping cleaning chores and overall organization, many of us have heard about Flylady, the forever shoe wearing, duster wielding, zone cleaning maven of home organization and cleaning.

While I, myself, spent quite a bit of time reading Flylady’s online material and even attempting to apply many of the principles found therein, I have decided that in addition to a loyal Flylady following, there should also be a chorus of us Flylady Dropouts–of which I am first in line.

However, this is not to say the Flylady approach, her tips and tricks are not helpful, that her methods are not successful because that’s just not true. They are a huge help to those that follow. But, what I am saying is that I did come away from my Flylady education with lasting principles that I still joyfully apply in my home today, two of them at least. Trust me when I say even Flylady Dropouts can soar. Let me tell you some of the things I learned on Flylady that stuck with me and have been proven to be true time-savers, home-helpers even for one such as myself who not only lives but thrives in a chaotic household. (And, no, that does not mean can’t-have-anyone-over household!)

Hot Spot Control and Prevention
This has to be number one, my favorite lesson from Flylady that I have adopted as my own, shared with my children, with friends and will keep forever. You know those places in your home where it seems stacks of papers, books, magazines, mittens, tiny rocks, ponytail holders and the like just congregate and then begin to grow? They congregate, grow and spill over to other places–you know the ones. The top of the refrigerator, the top of the microwave, kitchen table or bar corner, night table beside your bed, the list goes on. We’re always going to have places where things like this congregate in my home, but at least now they’re contained to just one or two hot spots and not an endless number found all around the house and spreading beyond thanks to my brief Flylady experience. Flylady advocates clearing out those clutter spots, putting the detritus that has gathered there in it’s place. (If you’re like me, that pile probably is it’s place). This tactic works well even for a Flylady Dropout.

Fifteen Minutes Is All It Takes
You can do anything for 15 minutes, said the Flylady. This one I brought home with me to keep. Any task at anytime doesn’t seem so overwhelming or such a long process when broken down into 15 minute increments. Tidy the living room for 15 minutes, then take a break or move on to another chore for a fresh look at things. If you need to return to the living room, or whatever project, then do so but keep it all in those 15 minute shots. It really does work to do this with the kids as well, when they(and you) see how much really does get done with 15 focused minutes, the outlook changes and therefore the work effort is good and the outcome is a clean room or a finished job.

Clear That Kitchen Sink
While the original Flylady’s premise is to shine the kitchen sink, I’m not a sink shiner myself. However, I do find that keeping the dishes under control leaves the sink free for mixing up koolaid, rinsing off fruit and just generally keeps the kitchen life flowing along smoothly.

These are the picks of a Flylady Dropout, I’ve no time for control journals or decluttering several times a day, but the above three picks are significant assets to any home keeping scheme, even those homes that do not desire to be completely clutter or chao-free.

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