Home Remedies for Cleaning a Dishwasher

Stores sell dishwasher cleaning products that unclog spray holes, remove stains, and produce a clean pleasant scent, but these products aren’t exactly cheap. If your water is hard and your dishwasher requires regular cleaning, store-bought cleaning products can become quite expensive. Although commercial dishwasher cleaning problems do a great job, they aren’t always necessary, and home remedies usually work just as well. Here you’ll find a number of home remedies that will keep your dishwasher clean and incredibly fresh. Best of all, these home remedies are cheap, and they’re safe when used as directed.

Precautionary Statement

Home remedies for cleaning dishwashers aren’t always recommended by manufacturers. Consult your product manual, and use common sense when using cleaning products of any type. Read product labels regarding safety precautions and warnings. In addition, when using home remedies that can burn or irritate the skin and eyes, take the proper precautions when necessary by wearing rubber gloves and eye protection.

Denture Tablets

Who would have thought that denture tablets that whiten and brighten false teeth could be used for anything else? If your dishwasher is dingy, stained, and discolored inside, place a few denture tablets in the bottom, and run it on the longest setting. This is one of the best home remedies for whitening and brightening a dirty dishwasher, and it’s a cheap solution, especially if you wear dentures and already have denture tablets on hand.

Muriatic Acid

Many dishwasher repair professionals suggest muriatic acid for cleaning and unclogging spray holes and dishwasher drains, and this is one of the most effective home remedies. You can find bottles of muriatic acid in hardware stores and home improvement stores. Keep in mind that any containers used for measuring muriatic acid should be disposed of after use.

Without adding detergent, set your empty dishwasher on the longest running setting, and allow it to fill and begin the washing cycle. After a minute or two, carefully add 1quart of muriatic acid to the water in the bottom of the dishwasher Allow the dishwasher to run for eight to ten minutes, and allow it to set without running for the same amount of time. After the water and muriatic acid have remained in the dishwasher for several minutes, turn it on once again, and repeat this process at least four times total before letting the dishwasher fully run its course. Once the dishwasher has gone through all of the cycles it should be free from scale build up, and it should be clean and fresh.

Vinegar Followed by Bleach

Vinegar is one of the greatest home remedies for cleaning all sorts of appliances and household items. If you want to clean your dishwasher so it operates better and smells clean and fresh, try white vinegar. Simply start the dishwasher without using soap, and after it begins washing, pour one cup of white vinegar in the bottom. Close the door and allow it to continue with the dryer setting off. After running the vinegar though the dishwasher, start the dishwasher once again without adding soap. Once it begins washing, pour one cup of liquid bleach in the bottom with the dryer setting off.

Warning: Do not mix the bleach with the vinegar. One should follow the other after completely rinsing from the unit.

Citric Acid

Many people have found citric acid to be very helpful in cleaning their dishwasher. Simply measure one tablespoon of powdered citric acid into the open cup, and one tablespoon into the closed cup while the dishwasher is empty. Run it as usual, and turn off the dryer setting. The citric acid should clean away any scale and scum as well as clear any minor clogs in the spray arms and drain.

You’ll find citric acid powder in the canning section of your local grocery or discount store, or you can shop online to find the lowest possible price. Complete this cleaning process once each week to keep your appliance running smooth and smelling clean and fresh. This is by far one of the best home remedies since it’s a great alternative to caustic, expensive chemical dishwasher cleaning products.

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