How to Clean a House Quickly!

If you have one of those days when the house just has to be cleaned quickly because you have some guests arriving shortly and the house is in shambles, call in the LGD TDR team.

What is the LGD TDR team? That is my term for a quick clean up job around the house. Everything goes in its place and is done quickly by everyone who lives in there. Kids should help with tasks around the house as it shows them a bit of responsibility and that is always good.

You simply take up the major tasks house wide, divide them up age appropriately, and let it go. There are six major areas as I see them and together they can accomplish the task quickly and efficiently. This way the living room, dining room, bathroom, and kitchen are picked up together.

Laundry detail is assigned to one person. They simply walk through the main living areas with a laundry basket picking up socks, discarded shirts and other things that need to be laundered. This basket is then taken to the area where laundry is washed, and it is started.

Everyone here in my house takes off their shoes at the front door, so there are usually some socks lying around. In the kitchen are towels and dishcloths so this should keep them busy for a bit.

Garbage detail goes to someone else. This person is given a garbage bag. This garbage bag will hold discarded wrappers, and papers from around the main living areas of the house. Go to each main living area and put the items in the bag that need to be in the bag. Do not forget to dump the bathroom garbage into this bag.

Dish detail goes to a third person who walks around with a box collecting various dishes and cans lying around and takes them to the kitchen area and stacks them neatly by the sink or places them in the dishwasher and begins the wash cycle.

Every home that has children has at least one dirty cup or bowl where it should not be. Rather then walking the dishes to the kitchen separately this is a good way of accomplishing an awful task.

If you have soda cans with soda in them do not throw them in the garbage bag or dump the flat soda down the sink. Instead, pour them into a pan which has burn food in it and boil it. I am not sure why but the flat soda will make the burn on crud easy to remove.

Toy detail someone goes around, picks up all the toys, and puts them in a basket or box. The toys are taken to the rooms where they belong and put in toy boxes or where ever you choose to store them.

Dirt & Vacuum detail go ahead and sprinkle your carpet with carpet fresh through out the house. Then go ahead and sweep those bare floors given then a quick mopping. As your floors are drying, go ahead and vacuum the carpeting.

Rewards now that the house has been picked up go ahead and reward whoever cleaned. If the reward is editable you will enjoy it in a clean house that is ready for company

If the kids do not want to help, you pick things up or if they are simply too little, these jobs can be picked up by task. Truthfully it does make the house cleaner quicker then if you clean it room by room in the traditionally way.

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