How to Decide If Your Child Should Repeat a Grade

Some parents are faced with the decision to decide if a child should repeat a grade. We all want to do what is best for children. When making the decision whether or not to have a child repeat a grade we need to take a few things into consideration. Figure out how old the child will be when he or she graduates from high school.

Another thing to decide with the help of teachers if the child has learned enough throughout the school year. We need to ask ourselves is it possible to have the child get tutored in the subjects during the summer to go onto the next grade level that following year with enough knowledge? We need to determine at how successful the child would be in the next grade above the current one. Sometimes children just need to be tutored in certain subjects over the summer.

Does the child have a learning disability? You need to take that into consideration too. If the child isn’t mentally developed as far as the other children their age is then perhaps repeating the grade will be a good thing. It will give the student another year to catch up to understand the basics of subjects. Learning the basics of subjects in elementary school is very important since it enables children to complete other grade levels without much difficulty later on.

Is the child in special ed classes? Perhaps special ed classes will help the child to be able to learn more at a slower pace. Special ed classes are geared towards slow learners. The work is somewhat easier and the teachers are able to work more with the students. Special ed classes help quite a bit during school. If your child isn’t in special ed classes perhaps he or she could take a test to determine if they need special ed classes. Sometimes tutoring in a certain subject during the summer is all that is needed.

Repeating a grade level won’t hurt a child. The child might get bored during the school year though if they already have enough knowledge about most of the subjects taught. Repeating a grade will actually help a child have a better understanding of the subject material. It can benefit them later on in their high school years. Kids need to learn and know the basics in math, English, science, and reading cause that is something that they will do year after year.

Kids have different methods of learning such as visual and audio. Some need to see a math problem written down on a paper. Some need to hear a book being read to them instead of having to read it in order to memorize the information better. Kids learn differently by visual and audio. Some kids love to use flash cards for multiplication or addition. Index cards are another great way to memorize information regarding history and other facts.

Have the teachers help you determine the problem that the child may have. It might be something simple that can be corrected over the summer. Perhaps the child needs special ed classes if he or she learns slow. Perhaps the child needs to repeat the grade over again one year in order to understand the basics of subjects to help benefit them better year after year.

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