How to Design a Professional Press Release

Any successful business owner will tell you that the key to obtaining clients is in your promotional campaign, including advertisements, press releases, or sales letters. If you are like many new business owners striking it out on their own, your advertising budget is probably pretty small at this point. Don’t worry! Press releases and sales letters are both ways to advertise your business for virtually no cost (except for the cost of paper and stamps).

Unless you’re a professional writer, you probably think that you could never possibly write a press release. If you follow these simple tips, before you know it, you will be launching your successful advertising campaign!

1. Make it newsworthy. Most newspapers and magazines received hundreds, probably even thousands, of press releases every day. The key is to stand out above the rest. How does your business affect their community? What services do you offer that may be unique from other similar industries in their town or city? Remember that you are trying to write a story and not an advertisement. Add some human interest to your press release by including a little history about yourself and how you started your company.

2. Keep it simple. Most editors do not have time to read several pages of copy and will often just toss those kind of press releases into the trash. A good press release is usually only one to one-and-a-half pages. Remember that every newspaper or magazine only has a certain amount of space designated for copy as they must leave room for paid advertisements. Chances are they will have to cut out a lot of your press release anyway to make it fit. If they find that all of your release is newsworthy, they will be less likely to edit material you may have wanted to include.

3. Consider your target audience. To whom are you sending your press release? If you are sending it to a women’s magazine, emphasize how your services will benefit the average working woman. If you are sending it to a small, local newspaper, define how your business will impact the community. If you forget to focus on the audience, the editor will probably toss out your press release because it has no place in his/her publication.

4. Don’t become overwhelmed. Try to remain calm even if you receive many rejections at first. Continue sending your press release to a variety of publications, and you will eventually find the one that will work with you.

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