How to Ease Job Interview Jitters

Most people are nervous to some extent before a job interview, but some people get a case of the jitters that is so severe they are almost debilitated. If you become anxious about upcoming job interviews, there are steps that can be taken to alleviate pre interview nervousness.

It’s All in Your Mind

First you must ask yourself, “why am I so nervous?” Many people who find themselves unusually nervous before a job interview underestimate their skills and abilities. Give yourself a boost of self confidence before your next job interview. Remind yourself of the valuable skills you have to offer. Although you might desperately need the job, tell yourself that the company considering you for hire needs you as much or more than you need them.

People often subconsciously adopt an inferior attitude when in the presence of someone with more seniority. Although the person interviewing you probably holds a management position, keep in mind that he or she is also just another person. The fact that they are in management does not necessarily make them a more valuable person in any other way.

Those being interviewed by perspective employers sometimes become nervous because they make the mistake of overanalyzing themselves. They feel they are under the interviewer’s proverbial microscope and think every expression, gesture, and word is being analyzed. The person being interviewed becomes so absorbed in their own words and gestures that they don’t comprehend everything the interviewer is saying. They make themselves nervous and end up missing important information that could have proven valuable in subsequent interviews. Concentrate on the information being given to you and not solely on how you appear to your interviewer.

Days Before Your Interview

Ease your nerves by learning as much as possible about your perspective employer before the interview. Try to find the mission statement and any other useful information regarding the company. This information will help you provide better answers to questions presented by the interviewer. The website provides links to valuable company search tools and other helpful information regarding company research. You can also go to one of the many search engines such as to search for company websites.

The Evening Before Your Interview

Choose your attire the evening before your job interview. If you haven’t worn a particular outfit recently, be sure to try it on and inspect it for cleanliness. You wouldn’t want any unexpected surprises the morning of your interview. Preplanning may alleviate some of your feelings of nervousness.

Be sure to get plenty of rest the night before your job interview. Avoid consuming caffeinated products such as tea, coffee, and chocolate before bed. Even if you are used to consuming caffeinated beverages and foods, they can interfere with your sleep cycle, especially if you are nervous about an upcoming job interview.

You may be wondering if you will fall asleep with the weight of a pending job interview on your mind. If necessary, consider taking a nonaddictive over-the-counter sleep aide. You will fall asleep faster and will hopefully awaken feeling rested and ready to go.

The Day of Your Interview

Be sure to eat an adequate meal or snack before your interview. You wouldn’t want to suffer from a case of low blood sugar during the interview. Low blood sugar often causes feelings of shakiness which could be mistaken for nervous tension. Also, you will be able to think clearly and respond more appropriately if well nourished.

Avoid foods and beverages containing caffeine before your job interview. Although some people require caffeine in order to wake up and remain alert, too much caffeine can cause or aggravate feelings of nervousness. Consume it in moderation.

Allow yourself plenty of time to reach the location of your interview. Rushing at the last minute will make you feel as if you are forgetting something, and you might not arrive on time. Arrive at your destination several minutes early and you will have plenty of time to collect your thoughts and compose yourself.

At the Interview

Did you ever consider the possibility that the interviewer could be just as nervous as you? Not all interviewers are experienced in the process of interviewing prospective employees. Speak to the interviewer in the same cordial way you would speak to an acquaintance. Maintain a professional demeanor, but at the same time remain friendly and personable. Just be yourself and chances are any nervousness you initially had will fade away. Besides easing your own nerves, it is helpful to know you may also be putting the interviewer at ease.

Be assured you will become less and less nervous with each interview. Before long you will become familiar with standard questions asked by interviewers, and you will be ready with the appropriate answers. Nervousness is a product of the mind, and you can overcome it with proficiency, intellect, and most of all, experience.

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