How to Erase Ipod Scratches

Ipod scratches not only make your device less attractive, they can make it less useful. Any Ipod owner who has tried to watch video or even pick a playlist through a scratched Ipod screen knows that cosmetic blemishes are just the beginning of the problem. Luckily, with a little bit of information you can pick and use a product that will get rid of the minor nicks and major slices in your Ipod’s surface. Whether you want to get rid of Ipod scratches on the screen, the plastic veneer, or even the chrome back of your device, this guide will take you through the shopping and application process. So, say goodbye to your scratched Ipod, and get ready to say hello to awakening

How Can I Get Rid Of Ipod Scratches?

The most effective way to erase Ipod scratches is actually by further scratching the surface of your device with an abrasive product. The grains in an abrasive gently wear down the veneer around the scratch, creating a gentle slope to the lowest point of the dent instead of a sharp, sudden drop. The end visual result of this process is that the scratch blends in and becomes, at worst, less noticeable, and at best, invisible! For great results, rub an abrasive product onto your Ipod scratches using a completely non-abrasive cloth like a polishing chamois. Use a variety of motions, switching between circular, horizontal, vertical, and diagonal strokes, so that you attack the scratch from all possible angles. There are a lot of abrasive products designed to erase Ipod scratches, with prices that range from just four dollars up to forty or more. To pick the right product and make sure you’re not paying for more than you need, make sure you’re buying something that will only get rid of the scratches you’ve got.

What If I Have Some Deep And Some Light Scratches?

If you have some deep scratches and some light ones, start by treating the deep Ipod scratches first, then clean your Ipod and treat the light scratches. The kind of abrasives best suited to dealing with a seriously scratched Ipod will get rid of heavy damage. These products need to be harsh to stand up to deep scratches, but that unfortunately means that during the treatment, they will create a series of smaller, less visible scratches on the surface of your device. You can usually get rid of this “fallout” by using a gentler product to erase the minor scratches left behind. So, if you only have light Ipod scratches, you only need a gentle abrasive, but if you have deep scratches, you’ll need a heavy abrasive and a gentler one for cleanup. Read on for a breakdown of some of the available abrasives on the market.

Heavy Abrasives

If you have serious Ipod scratches on the plastic veneer or screen on the front of your device, try KIT “Scratch Out,” which is available at many hardware and auto supply stores. This product is not officially affiliated with the Apple company or with the Ipod brand, so it is not guaranteed not to damage your device. However, when used with a non-abrasive cloth, a bit of care, and the rubbing technique described above, it should do more good than harm. KIT is designed for fixing imperfections in car finishes, which means it has the serious power to take out major Ipod scratches. KIT costs between two and six dollars per bottle, which makes it the most affordable solution for treating a scratched Ipod.

Light Abrasives

Applesauce polish makes a variety of abrasives of different strengths. Although Applesauce has created their products specifically to treat Ipod scratches, they are not actually affiliated with the Ipod or Apple, so Apple is not responsible for any damage caused by these products. Their scratch removal kit ($19.95) contains two mild abrasives: a microfinishing polish for light Ipod scratches, and a microfinishing glaze designed to handle the gentlest jobs. The kit also comes with polishing cloths, so you will be ready to start fixing your scratched Ipod without having to buy any additional supplies. Although it can’t do much for major damage, the Applesauce kit is ideal for small touch-ups, or improving the overall appearance of a well-loved, somewhat scratched Ipod that has general wear and tear, but no serious problem areas. The Applesauce kit will also help you fix up any damage done by a heavier abrasive like “Scratch Out.”

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