How to Lose Weight Before Bathing Suit Season

Even if you are still shivering in a sweater, be warned that bathing suit and shorts season is just around the corner. Before very long, the extra layer of fat you donned for the holidays will be tormenting you as you wonder how in the world you are going to squeeze into the bathing suit or swim trunks you bought at your season-leanest last summer. Yet, if you want to lose weight before bathing suit season, the answer lies not in fad diets, weight loss pills, or crazy exercise equipment that can exhaust you trying to assemble.

Instead, just take a good look at your current lifestyle. If you’re someone who rushes home from work to a big dinner, only to then head for the sofa or easy chair where you spend the night snacking on chips and cookies, you should already have a clue in how you can lose weight.

Any one of those failings: the big dinner, the hours in front of the boob tube, or the high calorie and often greasy or sugary snacks, if cut back, can pack on the pounds and defeat your best efforts to lose weight. Turn it around, however, and you can use these as levers in shaving off the calories and, with it, the pounds that may prevent you from getting into that bathing suit.

Consider this: while you might think of winter and early spring as a time for staying inside and huddling by the fire – or the fireplace video you play on the TV – this is actually an excellent time to get some exercise. You don’t have to take up cross country skiing to get the advantage. A good walk through snow that has not yet been shoveled or otherwise cleared away is actually great aerobic exercise because you have to lift your feet which gets your heart pumping. Colder air also tends to exhilerate you in the process.

If you just can’t live without a night of TV, you still have hope. Instead of turning into a couch potato, however, why not put in an exercise video? Wait, don’t run screaming away yet. If exercise videos aren’t your style, turn on MTV or one of the over music channels and dance to the tunes. Draw the curtains and lock the door if you absolutely can’t bear to have anyone witness you tripping to “Stayin’ Alive” or “Let’s Get Physical”, but you will do your heart and your waistline enormous good. Do this for 20 minutes or more just a few nights a week, and you’re already on your way to shedding the pounds and losing the weight for bathing suit season.

Now let’s talk snacks. Next time you go shopping, consider perusing the grocery aisles for some alternatives that do not involve quite so much sugar or salt. You know about the dangers of too much sugar, not the least of which is time spent in the dentist’s chair undergoing personal time with the drill or the dreaded root canal. Yet too much salt is not only bad for blood pressure and your kidneys, but can block your body’s natural ability to release fluids which can lead to – you guessed it -more weight gain.

You don’t have to get drastic and move to no-taste fat free, sugar free, pleasure free options. The simple move to something with less calories, less sugar, less fat, and less salt can, over time, offer you good results in the battle to lose weight. Think popcorn without all the extras. Baked rather than fried potato chips, and those without all the transfats that can pack on pounds as well as the artery-clogging cholesterol, may be better options for you.

If you absolutely can’t deal with healthier snacks, make it a rule not to eat in the chair or on the sofa. For example, when people force themselves to leave the snacks in the kitchen and only have something to eat when they are willing to get up and go out there to have them, a strange thing happens: they not only eat less, then sometimes don’t bother to snack at all. Compare that to a bowl of candy or nuts readily available, and you’re facing a bathing suit season of despair.

Also consider other measures you can take now, well ahead of summer and bathing suit season, that will aid you in your quest to get in shape and lose weight. A walk after dinner, for instance, can make it less likely that you will just vegetate in front of the television or computer; you may get extra energy, in fact, to do real exercise or at least something fun rather than playing couch potato!

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