How to Get Rid of Bone Spurs in My Heel

Heel spurs are bone protrusions that develop near the base of the heel bone due to calcium growth. These protrusions are mostly caused by repetitive activities such as running, jogging, or can be formed in association with another foot disorder called plantar fasciitis.

Plantar fasciitis is actually the inflammation of ligaments on the base of foot, that connect the heel with the toes. When these ligaments, also called plantar fascia, are tight, the bone releases calcium to soothe it out, this excess calcium deposits on your heel resulting in formation heel spurs. Treatment for this condition includes DIY home remedies as well as medications for inflammation and pain control. In some extreme cases, surgery may also be required to remove these bone spurs.


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    Over the counter medicines to relieve pain

    Take some non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medicine, such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen, to ease pain and reduce swelling.

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    Apply an ice pack

    Apply an icepack to your heel for 10 to 15 minutes several times a day. The ice will help reduce swelling and inflammation and will also relieve pain. If the heel spurs are accompanied by plantar fasciitis, try rolling the affected foot over an iced bottle, this will help relieve symptoms of both the disorders.

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    Use orthotic inserts such as heel cups and night splints

    Use a heel cup to take the pressure off your affected heel, while night splints keeps your plantar fascia stretched while you are sleeping. Heel cups and other such orthotic inserts can be found at medical stores.

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    Rest is most effective

    Limit your physical activities such as running, jogging, walking etc and give your affected heel as much rest as possible. This will reduce inflammation and help ease pain and irritation in the foot.

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    Consult your doctor

    If the above DIY home remedies do not improve your symptoms, visit a podiatrist. He will recommend you X-rays and few other tests to determine the severity of the condition.

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    Do not fear surgery

    Do not fret if your doctor recommends you to undergo a surgery to remove the bone spurs in your heel. It is a simple procedure, mostly performed on an outpatient basis, that is you do not need to have an overnight stay in the hospital.

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