How to Make Your Own Can Coolers

Hot weather means cold drinks and cold drinks and a hot sun simply don’t mix. Sure, you can add ice but it will melt quickly and leave your drink watered down. If you make yourself a can cooler, though, your drinks will stay cold and refreshing – without sweating all over the table.

Fun Foam makes it easy to create lots of different crafts now. The foam is available in vivid colors and comes in single sheets. It’s inexpensive and can be found at most any craft store. One sheet of fun foam should easily make a can cooler.

Measure around a can or bottle and cut the foam to that length, adding an extra half inch to make it easier to slip the drink inside the cooler. The width of the foam piece should be enough to go almost to the top of any 12 oz drink can, or halfway up the side of a glass bottle, such as a beer bottle.

Cut enough of the foam pieces so that you can glue them together until the final piece is about a half-inch thick. The craft foam is somewhat thin so it will take several layers to make it thick enough for a cooler. Two to four pieces should do, depending upon the type of Fun Foam you purchase.

Set a can or bottle on the fun foam and draw a circle. Cut the circle about a quarter inch larger than the pattern. Again, cut enough of these to where the bottle circle will be about a half-inch thick.

Contact cement works great to put the can cooler altogether. Glue around the outside of the circle, then position the flat piece to encircle the bottom piece. Glue the two sides together and hold them until dry.

You can use all sorts of things to decorate the can cooler. Fabric paints are great because you can use them to write any number of sayings on the can cooler, and they’re easy to use. You can also attach stickers, use paint markers with stencils, or attach other embellishments.

Your drink can cooler will be a great addition to your summer fun. They’re easy enough to make that children can do the project as well. Make can coolers for special friends or family members, with a saying on it especially for them. They will love the usefulness of the can cooler and you’ll have made them a one-of-a-kind gift they’ll use year after year.

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