How to Make a Simple Side Table Out of Tires

This side table made out of a few old tires is a great addition to an industrial space, a little boy’s room, or even as a side table in the garage, you can make it in one afternoon. Depending on whether or not you have to buy the tires you should be able to make this unique and interesting side table for about $80 or less.

To make a side table out of tires you will need:

2 to 3 old tires
Epoxy glue
Scrub bunch/soap/hose
Exterior house paint (spray Paint)
Primer (spray paint)
Piece of beveled circular glass

Now, the first step is to thoroughly clean your tires. Even if they look clean I recommend this step. You need a clean work surface to help your paint adhere. You also do not want any fine dust or and that will give you a bumpy texture on your paint finish. Soap the tires down, scrub them, and then hose them off in the yard. Allow them to air dry before you move on.

Now, apply a coat of spray on primer to all of your tires. You should paint the entire inside and outside of the tire. This is important because you will be able to see both the inside and the outside. Now, you can use spray paint primer or even rent one of those paint sprayers. Either is fine. If you use a paint brush you will have lines and that is really not the best look for this project.

Once the primer has dried go ahead and spray on a coat of you paint. I recommend a vibrant color like red or even a royal blue. You can do whatever you wish though. For some fun you could paint the tires to look camouflage. You could even paint them a dark gray that is almost black to make them look like paint old tires again. This home improvement project would be fun in a little girl’s bedroom as well. You could paint the tires a surprisingly bright pink. This would really get a lot of notice and even a little girl might like it then!

Let the first coat dry, and then apply a second coat for your paint. Make sure that both times you are thoroughly coating the entire tire inside and out.

Once the paint has completely dried you are ready to epoxy the tires together. Run a bead of epoxy glue around the ring of your tire. You want this thick bead of glue to be where the tires will hit each other obviously. Your tires should be lying on their sides as well.

You want this to be a very large and thick bead for glue.

Repeat with the third tire if you are using one.

Now, let the glue dry completely.

Place you tire bed side table next to your bed and drop a nice thick piece of beveled glass on top. Try to buy a circle of glass that is about 2 inches wider than your tires. You can find beveled glass circles at Pier One Imports, Cost World Market, and almost any home furnishings store that sells dining room or coffee tables.

You can buy tires used at most car auto shops. You can also buy them at salvage yards. If that is not an optional for you checkout Craigslist and your local paper.

To make your tires into a coffee table place two stacks for two tires next two each other. Top off with a large square or oval piece of beveled glass. This will be a great conversation starter. You can also put items in the openings of the tires.

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