How to Purchase a Turkey

From purchasing a bird, to preparing it, cooking it and eating it, the turkey has become the central theme in the average dinner tradition. It is no longer limited to Thanksgiving.

Since purchasing a good turkey is the first step in the process, it is one of the most important. You want to be sure that you get exactly what you want. Decide first on whether you want a frozen or a fresh turkey. Fresh is always best the meat is tastier and often comes out more tender. However, a fresh turkey is not always possible and most times, people have to head to the local supermarket and purchase a frozen turkey.

The nice thing about purchasing a frozen turkey is that because of the quality of the packaging and the fact they are frozen almost immediately after being sealed, they still taste as fresh as it was when it was packaged. This can attribute to the popularity of frozen turkeys. When the turkey is sealed, all of the air is completely sealed out of the wrapping, so the packaging around fresh turkey fits like a second skin, which seals in the freshness and flavor of the meat.

Fresh turkeys are not frozen when packaged. They are chilled, which is why they are harder to find and infinitely more expensive.
When purchasing a turkey, you want to get a pound of meat for each person who will share your dinner. This is the only way to assure that there will be enough for everyone and likely enough for a thick, turkey sandwich the next day.

Most supermarkets will offer specials surrounding the holiday, so take advantage of those offers. If you plan on having a Christmas turkey, it would be a good idea to purchase that turkey as well, to take advantage of savings. A turkey can be frozen in your freezer for up to one year.

You also have the option of choosing turkey products if you dinner is small or, of course, you may choose a different cut of meat.
No matter what you choose, just be sure to purchase a turkey big enough to fit the needs of yourself and you guests and plan ahead to have a great holiday dinner. Purchasing a turkey need not be difficult if you just follow these simple tips.

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