How to Put Your Own Stamp on a New Home

A new house does not feel like home until you have removed someone else’s stamp and replaced it with your own. Only then will it feel more comfortable and you will be at ease in your new home.

Remove Quirky Decorating Designs

When I first viewed my new home, one room that stood out to me right away was the quirky cow-themed kitchen. Now, I have nothing personal against the four-legged milk-producing animals, but I was not keen on living with such an outlandish design indefinitely! My husband agreed with me. So while we agreed to temporarily put up with the design of the kitchen when we first moved in, we knew that we would eventually redecorate the kitchen and remove every trace of the cow theme, replacing it with a neutral shade that we would both be happy with.

A neutral theme, such as eggshell, magnolia or ivory is more pleasing to the eye and appeals to more people than quirky decorating themes. Moreover, if you later decide to move out, it will be easier to market your property if it has been tastefully designed in a neutral theme throughout.

Add New Lampshades

Lampshades are only a small feature in a home, but they can make a huge difference when you are trying to remove the previous occupants’ tastes from the property and replace them with your own preference.

After my most recent move, I was keen to quickly settle in and feel more at home in the new house. The previous homeowners’ lampshades had to go. I was not at all keen on the paper lampshade in our bedroom, or the eclectic tastes as shown throughout the rest of the home. Even though I did not have any replacements at that time, I started to gradually strip the light fixtures of the lampshades.

Replace Carpets

Carpeting is not the most long-lasting flooring, which means that it will not last forever. Carpets must be replaced at some point and not just when they are threadbare! Unfortunately, many homeowners do not pay attention to this fact, or they refuse to take on the responsibility of replacing worn-out carpets when it is time to sell up and move on. If you have recently purchased a property with worn-out carpets, you will want to replace them as soon as possible.

Choose a good quality carpet that will hold up for years to come. Decide whether you will have the same carpet throughout the house or if you will divide it up and have a different theme in certain rooms, such as the master bedroom or in your children’s rooms. New carpets can give the whole home a makeover and refresh it, which will effectively remove the previous homeowners’ stamp.

Moving into a previously occupied property will involve a level of adjustment and work, especially when it comes to removing someone else’s stamp and replacing it with your own. Remove quirky decorating designs, replacing the home with a neutral theme, add new lampshades that complement your furnishings and that are more to your taste, and finally, replace worn-out carpets.

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