How to Stay on a Job When You’re Hanging on by a Noose

There are times on a job when all is not well. It could be issues with lateness, absence, or productivity. You may be waiting for the shoe to drop or just trying to stay under the radar. Maybe you need some help to motive yourself to be the best you can be.

1. Take valid criticism from your supervisor or coach. If is lateness, then set your clock to be there early by at least ten minutes. Conversations that supervisors have with you are meant to be dealt with.

2. Be working when you are on the clock. It is not the surf, shop, or chat. When the issues that got you into trouble are handled, then you can follow your company in regard to this policy. Remember less is more. No boss wants to walk in and find their employees playing games online when they are paying them to work.

3. Train yourself to do your job better. There are plenty of places online where you can read information about jobs and online training. If your job is in sales, then study from the best. Brian Tracy, Zig Ziglar, and John Maxwell are great examples of the best in sales.

4. Watch your words. What you say can come back to bite you. If the stress is causing you to feel negative then journal, take advantage of therapy, or talk it out with your family and friends. The one thing you do not want to do is bring the negative feelings into the office. No criticism of your boss , company, or coworkers in the office.

5 Don’t let them break you. This is the most important thing that you should take from this. A broken spirit cannot help you. Therefore, you must have the resolve to motive yourself and not let the stress get to you.

6. If the things that are getting you in trouble are beyond your scope to repair and you just hate the thought of going to work, then you should start sending out resumes.

Case One:

Julie worked for a call center. Her job was in sales. During one week, she was reprimanded for a bad call, and being absent one day. The call center incorporates tiers, which dictate the amount of calls a person gets. She was dropped to the bottom tier, and therefore only received one call all day, which did not turn into a sale. At first, she was depressed and thought of quitting because it seemed to her that she could not make this company happy.

Instead she followed up with her boss to find out what she could do with all her downtime. She was advised to research sales skills. Her sales were not the issue, but she handled calls too quickly because of her previous jobs in call centers. Julie took the advice and only had to stay in the bottom tier for two weeks. She took what could have been a spirit killing series of incidents and turned it around for her good. The important thing is that she made the decision to make the effort because she wanted the job. Had she not wanted the job she would have left.

Case Two:

Andrea worked for a furniture company in sales. She enjoyed her job, and was good at it. The problem was that her regional manager took a special dislike to her and would write her up for any infraction even if he was not there to see it. He went so far as to write her up and put it in her personal file. Conditions continued to go downhill. Psychologically she was depressed though she was bringing in good money. After one write up that attacked her personally, Andrea left the job. She was aware that regardless of her sales skills she could not allow herself to be demeaned or degraded when the regional manager never offered any remedy for her. Leaving the job was the best option since there was no one that she felt she could take her complaint to.

Being in trouble with your job means that you have some things to do to improve, but it does not mean that you should allow yourself to be demeaned or disrespected., yelled at, called at home on your days off, or singled out for behavior that others are. You have the right to stand up for yourself. Walk away with your dignity, or you will take it out on your next employer.

In conclusion, do what you can to improve your job situation, but do not let it get to the point that you lose your dignity. Make adjustments where necessary by not wasting time, being early, and training yourself for to be better at your job.

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