How to Stop Gambling Addictions

Gambling Addiction is difficult to overcome. People who have a gambling problem often deny that they have a problem. They often don’t want to stop gambling. It is all about the rush that they get each time that they play the slot machine. Gambling addictions doesn’t just hurt the person, but it hurts the other people that around him or her. The family often suffers since the person has an addiction to gambling. People who gamble do have major money problems.

How does the Gambling Addiction Start?

Often a person does start with going to the casino on payday to cash a paycheck. You see at a casino they will give people extra money when they cash a paycheck at the casino’s since they will be more likely to spend more money. They often tell themselves that they will just a spend ten dollars. Next thing they know that ten dollars begin to turn into fifty dollars and then it becomes hundreds of dollars spent within minutes. Each time the gambler wins a little money it excites them. The fact that they win little money here and there is what keeps them going. They always tell themselves “one more try” at the slot machines.

They just tell themselves all the time that if they play it enough eventually they will win the jackpot. You have a better chance at getting book contract somewhere than winning the big jackpot in a casino. The casinos enable gamblers to keep gambling by offering them free drinks in the hopes that they will spend more money at the casino. The casinos also have the rewards cards that you put into the slot machines in order to get points for freebies and free hotel stays at the casino. The points does depend upon how much money that a person spends in a slot machine.

Someone with a gambling addiction problem with go as far as not paying rent in order to gamble. They will borrow money from other people in order to keep going with the addiction. They will pawn stuff. Some of them end up selling their car and even the furniture in the house. They will often make up excuses in order to cover up the fact of how much money is being spent. They will try to hide it from others. Some people who have such a severe gambling addiction will miss work in order to keep gambling. A person who has a gambling addiction will end up running up credit cards to the maximum. They will end up being broke and won’t have any money left for food or even for gas in their car if they haven’t sold it.

How does a gambling addict stop?

A person who has a gambling addiction will eventually not stop gambling unless they have nothing left to spend or sell. They will not want to stop unless they admit first that they have a problem. They need to want to stop for themselves not just stop cause someone else wants them to do. A gambler addict often needs to stay away from casino’s once they decide to stop and get into a support group. They need to stay away from anything that tempts them to gamble again.

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