Hundreds of Home School Books from One Site

Whether you’re a parent that wants to try to help your child improve thinking skills, math skills and more, or you’re a home school teacher needing work books and teacher’s guides, you’ll find what you need at Bright Minds. And, if you show the books, software and toys to other parents and teachers, and they decide they like them, you can earn free products for your home school.

Bright Minds doesn’t just concentrate on kids of a certain age group or grade. Instead, Bright Minds offers products that work with babies, pre-kindergarten kids, as well as K-12 grades. I use their products myself, for our home school, and I guarantee you’ll love them.

Subjects are broken down into categories like science, math, history, language arts and critical thinking. You then choose a grade level and whether or not you want to view books, software or both. The books are workbook-type, soft-cover books that provide the answers, and how to go about finding the answer, in the back of the book. If a child struggles with a certain problem he or she can check the back of the book for the first step to get started, or work the entire problem out by way of the guide explanation.

You can search the site for products that meet your state’s standards, print out samples to try, download free trial software, and even request a catalog to be sent to your home so you can review the products in your spare time.

Bright Minds have some interesting series that you won’t find elsewhere, such as Algebra Magic Tricks, Brain Stretchers, Cranium Crackers, Dr. DooRiddles, Language Mechanic, Math Detective, Memory Challenge, Mind Benders, Punctuation Puzzler, Rocket Phonics, Science Detective, and Word Roots. The series are prepared for each grade level and offer a variety of work sheets which challenge the mind.

Instead of teaching kids to memorize the Bright Minds books change the way a child thinks entirely. Focus is on exercising the mind, teaching it to deduce, and encouraging it to think through procedures.

You’ll save money if you purchase books or software by the bundle. Choose a subject, like math or critical thinking, and the bundle will have several books or software titles that will see your child through weeks of learning. You’ll love the fact that you don’t have to use hundreds and hundreds of pieces of paper, since it’s all done in a work book, and your child will actually love doing the work. It’s fun to learn because of the way the books and software grab a child’s attention from the start.

Try a couple of the books or software titles, and if you like them, show them to associates and friends with kids. If they like them as well, you can earn free product choices for your own school or home.

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