IBM ThinkPad I Series 1400: The Best Cheap Laptop PC

The Road-Ready IBM ThinkPad i Series 1400 is a valuable asset to the professional on the go. Everything that your desktop can do, this laptop pc accomplishes and then more.

This laptop pc has a DVD Rom, floppy drive, modem, 64 RAM, Pentium II processor, 11.2 GB hard drive and a pressure point mouse button. The laptop measures 10 1/2″ X 13″ X 1 3/4″, and weighs about ten pounds. The screen is a substantive 11 1/2″ X 8 1/2″ to accommodate even the most sight challenged user. A plus is a light that shines on the keyboard from above the screen.

The outside is equipped to handle another monitor or television screen, an external mouse, and a printer. There is also an USB port for optional equipment. There is plugs for microphones, headphones or other speakers, and an audio in.

The IBM ThinkPad i Series 1400 is like a portable desktop. Fully functional and within a small budget, the laptop pc is a must for writers and other professionals. This cheap laptop can be bought at EBay and various other shops, and a used laptop pc is even cheaper.

The ThinkPad i series is equipped with external CD Rom controls so that the pc does not need turned on in order to listen to audio CDs. This enables the user to use the CD player for about five hours off of the battery pack. This is much longer than a CD will play on a normal battery powered CD player. Extra ThinkPad batteries can be bought for those that need longer working time.

My laptop is pre-loaded with Windows 98SE however, others are preloaded with Windows ME or Windows XP. The only thing I do have against it is when you reinstall Windows, there is extra software driver packages needed. The software is free to download from the IBM website, and should be downloaded before reinstalling Windows.

The IBM ThinkPad is customizable, and not only through software. A colored cover can be purchased separately and attached to the top with four small screws without damaging the laptop. Sorry ladies, it doesn’t come in pink.

A black carry case, with the Road Ready logo splashed across the front, came with my purchase. The carry case has both shoulder and hand straps for ease. The front section Velcro closes and has two other large pockets inside this area, presumably for CD cases. The main section for placing the laptop in also has a large section for holding file folders or other needed papers.

As a writer, I need a dependable device that I can use anytime, anywhere because when I am on a roll I don’t want to stop because I have an appointment to keep. I would recommend this laptop to any person that requires more than a portable game station. This is the best laptop pc that I have ever owned, and I don’t plan on replacing this anytime soon.

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