Ideas for Bathroom Renovations

Are you happy with how your bathroom looks? If the answer is no, then it is time to consider doing a little renovation. But why should you consider making changes? The answer is pretty simple, you want to take a bath, brush your teeth and answer nature’s call in an environment that is just right for you.

The truth of the matter is that there is no one way to renovate your bathroom. This really depends on the theme that you want to project. What you can do however is work on the little aspects. Then make sure they match together.

For instance, sinks come in all shapes and sizes. If the one you currently have is small and water always splashes outside the sink and into the floor, well maybe you need a bigger one so you should just replace it.

If you want to conserve water and still have a good sink, pick a faucet that you can open by pulling the lever up or down. If you have the money, try getting the motion sensitive version which is what they use in most hotels, restaurants, malls and airport that will turn on and off only when someone puts their hands a few inches away from the sensor.

For years, we have to live with the idea of sitting on a cold toilet bowl. These days, there are toilets that will warm up before you sit on it. With a push of a button, the toilet will even help you clean up and deodorize the minute you stand up. The toilet will even flush itself so you are totally hands free to go about your business.

But will people really buy a high tech toilet? Perhaps they won’t because these are quite expensive. You will only be able to enjoy these the next time you stay in a 4 or 5 star hotel.

If your bathroom does not have a tub, perhaps it is time to get one. These come in different sizes so you should measure the area where this will be placed before selecting it from the store. You can even get a tub that comes with various settings. For those that are still content with just a shower, what you can do is replace the shower head.

Homeowners that have a big bathroom can have a tub and shower. If you want to do that, put these opposite each other.

Two things that will require a lot of work in the bathroom should you decide to renovate are the walls and floors. There are different materials to choose from and each has its own pros and cons. For instance, marble looks great but it is very slippery when wet. This may make you consider using ceramics instead buy these are very hard to clean.

You may have changed the most important things in the bathroom but don’t forget the lighting is also important. If the lights are not bright, try changing those fluorescent bulbs for LED’s instead. These do not use up that much electricity which will surely help reduce your electrical bill.

All of these great ideas to renovate your bathroom can’t be done until you decide on the theme. Once you have this in mind, you will work next on the color of the bathroom and then buy the accessories that will match the overall color of the room.

The common colors used in renovating the bathroom include light blue, mint green, neutrals and other pastel colors. Aside from matching these with the accessories, this should also match the towels and throw rugs that will be used.

There are other great bathroom ideas out there so browse through some interior design magazines or look for similar designs online. It may even come to you when you go on vacation or visit a friend’s home so pay attention to these things because you can incorporate this into the overall look of your bathroom.

Just remember there is no wrong idea when it comes to beautifying your bathroom. If you are not happy with it, you can always do something else to make it better because there will always be room for improvement.

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