Interview With Chicago’s Up-and-Coming Producer I-Will, aka Isaac Williams

I-Will, born Isaac Williams, is an up and coming producer from the south side of Chicago. He currently is producing a new artist by the name of Chy. I recently was able to speak with I-Will about his music as well as his recent trip to New York.

Lourdes – What initially got you into the path of producing music?

I-Will – Well, I actually started playing the piano at a young age after seeing my brother play the saxophone and the piano. After I got involved with playing the piano I began to make my own music.

Lourdes – At what age did you begin producing your own music?

I-Will – I produced my first beat when I was in fifth grade when my brother wrote songs to my piano beats, but I sold my first beat at the age of seventeen to a friend of my brother’s.

Lourdes – What are your musical influences?

I-Will – I look up to Dr. Dre, Jay-z, Berry Gordy Kanye West because they are influencial figures in the music industry.

Lourdes – How would you describe the music that you produce?

I-Will – Music which everybody can enjoy, dance to, and get up at the club.

Lourdes – What makes you apart from other producers?

I-Will – I have my own unique style which varies, as to where typically you can tell which producer does which beat as in Kayne West you can be like that’s Kayne or Timberland, but with me it can range.

Lourdes – How did the trip to New York to meet with a record company helped?

I-Will – The trip gave me a glimpse as to what to aspect in the music industry and it has most of all motivated me to keep me going.

Lourdes – Where do you see yourself in ten years?

I-Will – I would like to have all my music goals accomplised before I graduate and at ten years I would like to see myself in a penthouse overlooking the lake with two kids a nice wife.

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