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During the recent crises in the
Middle East
, I found myself search Google for hours to find a good source of information on . What I was looking for is to read the Israeli people’s views on the conflict, but all I got was the pre-processed “official” information.

After weeks of searching I was able to make a list of few good sources. These are the websites of Israeli newspapers, some are liberal, and some conservative and some have a definite religious agenda to uphold. Nevertheless if you are looking for information on and would like to hear from both sides, it is a good idea to book mark these sites.

Israeli News Sites in English: Moderate in its views, provides good coverage of national and international news. A good choice if you are looking to see the Israeli view on international happenings. While I found most of the writings and opinions moderate, the way news about a Knesset member’s inflammatory remarks against the Arabs living in
West Bank
and Arab members of the Knesset made me sense a conservative tilt. Also international coverage is not as good as Haartez. This site has commentaries from noted scholars and journalists. A site about ‘s business and technology. Excellent range and analysis. English news site run by Christians in
. Very conservative in its view towards the Arab world and the Palestinians. Offers news in English, Hebrew and French. Conservative.

News Sites in Hebrew (I don’t understand Hebrew, but I thought to make the list inclusive and representative, they have to be included) Hazofe claims to have a Zionist and right-wing point of view. Online presence of the popular tabloid Hebrew language daily. It is said to be a liberal paper with views from both sides of political and social segment. Makor Rishon is a conservative weekly paper published in Tel Aviv.

Israeli News Sites in Arabic and German Israel-Nachrichten, a German language daily’s website. Arabic news site. Arabic site.

has large number of Russian immigrants; there are news papers and website to serve this section of the population. Some of the Russian news sites are:


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