It All Goes to Your Liver

Obesity in America has become an epidemic. The quest for weight loss causes temerity in our dietary choices. Our soceity has the luxury of over the counter remedies for minor ailments. Also the meat and poultry we purchase from the supermarkets are full of hormones, antibiotics and nitrates.

Environmental toxins influence the toxicity of our bodies as well. These waste products coupled with refined sugars and hydrogenated fats are almost always present in the systems of the average American everyday. These toxins if not properly filtered are left circulating through the blood to every system of the body. Yet We tend to be very concerned with just how much our stomachs are affected by our consumption.

When it is our liver that is under pressure to perform. The liver is the largest and most vital organ in our bodies. It is required to cleanse 600 litres of blood each day.This is done by way of the portal vein system directly related to the digestive tract. How our liver processes bile significantly affects everyday health. This processing controls iron levels, lipid metabolism, and body temperature. The inability of the liver to affectively filter toxins from the blood henders the body’s self healing process. Research has shown that at the root of all serious illness is a liver in distress. Intrahepatic or liver stones are present in nearly 80% of patients diagnosed with carcinomas.

The symptoms of liver congestion include; fatigue, sleep disorders, skin problems, allergies, joint pain, irregular menses, digestive problems, anxiety, depression, and inability to loose weight. Yet these symptoms are often treated separately. Doctor and patient are usually unaware of the disorder causing the symptoms. The presence of gallstones is quite common and easy enough to diagnose. Yet testing for intrahepatic stones is rarely considered.

Research has shown that patients who have gallstones usually have liver stones as well. Yet patients with hepatic calculi do not always have gallstones detected by ultrasound or CT scan. According to recent research data liver congestion is very common in women over thirty. Women in this age group commonly experience quite a few of the symptoms listed above.Therefore observing changes in your own health is the best defense against liver congestion. You should notify your doctor and request liver function and bilirubin testing.

Upon reviewing results if AST and ALT levels are elevated with a >2.0 ratio your Doctor may want to discuss treatment. There are liver/gallbladder diets and herbal detoxifiers that can really help. Eliminating Hydrogenated fats and red meat from your diet along with at least eight 12 oz glasses of water per day is recommended. The installation of dietary supplements containing Milk Thistle and Dandelion have been shown to promote healthy liver function as well.

The mucus membranes of the body are greatly affected by liver congestion and bile production also. Bile keeps the mucus linings moist and pliable. Thus the high perentage of sinus problems and allergies in patients suffering from liver congestion. Liver detoxification can result in weight loss and reversal of many allergic conditions. You can find many different types of detoxifiers at health stores like GNC and even Whole Foods markets. Some of the milder detoxifiers on the market include; the Detoxpad by Body Pure. This can be applied after a hot shower at bedtime. The effectiveness of this product depends on individual metabolism.

Lastly the Nature Rich neutralizer which is a liquid to be used as directed. This product in my opinion gives the most substantial results. Many users cited increased energy and decreased digestive problems. Although as with any prospective diet, you should first consult your doctor and find out if detoxification supplementation is right for you. So in the meantime safeguard your health. Please stay informed and find out what your liver is trying to tell you.

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