Josh Groban: The New Style in Pop Music

Josh Groban made his taken the world by storm with his amazing voice, and theatrical but simple beauty. All around the world now, self styled ‘Grobanites’ talk ‘Josh Groban’ Forums, wear ‘Josh Groban’ apparel, and sing along with Josh’s two CD’s.

Josh has already made both TV and Movie songs, and has hit the charts, hard and fast. His hit solo, ‘Where you are.’ From his first self titled album, showed us just how good his vocal abilities are. His second big hit, Per Te and You Raise Me Up taught us all how far that range extends. Even though he comes out to his concert in a sweater and jeans, the public loves it!

The question really is though, is Josh Groban the last ‘pop opera’ or ‘new classical’ singer to take all of our hearts.
Evidence says no. Already, many are following in his footsteps, like the religious/pop/opera group known as El Divo.

Dedicated pop, hip hop, and rap artists are taking note, and their songs are reflectiong more and more depth all the time. Really though, is this just a common fad, or are the popriststs here to stay?

Experts like Simon Cowl and the Rolling Stone are already saying ‘Yes, Yes Yes,’ to this new breed of music, to the delight of the public. So pop/opera? or just plain old pop?

Whatever the choices are, Viva Musica!

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