LG TROMM Steamwashers – A Review

One of the newest and most fascinating pieces of technology to be introduced to the market is the LG TROMM steamwasher. This exciting invention is a steam laundering system that has changed the way we look at washing our clothes. Its main feature is a steam generator or as it is sometimes called, the water heater. This feature heats up the water to produce the steam that is sent into the washer to clean your clothes.

Using steam is a great way to clean your clothing better. It provides a deeper clean and can even remove sit-in stains because it penetrates deeper into the fabric. The LG TROMM steamwashers are designed with a “Sanitary Cycle” with an added steam option for even more intense cleaning.

This front loading washer features a four cubic foot wash tub capacity. This washing tub is tilted at a 10 degree angle to make it easy for you to remove your clothes. It has combination cycles that allow you to use both water and steam when washing. The spin cycle reaches a speed of 1320 RPMs so you save time and energy on drying. The blue LCD menu driven control panel with three language selections is also a nice feature. These languages are English, Spanish and French.

The most exciting feature of the LG TROMM steamwashers is the SteamFresh cycle. This allows you to refresh your clothing anytime you need them fast and easy. It requires no water and no detergent, but can still provide you with an outfit that is fresh and wrinkle free in minutes. You don’t have to worry about the type of fabric you are cleaning because this machine is designed with a “SenseClean System” which takes care of this important detail for you.

The features of this machine are designed for water conservation and high energy efficiency. It has a delay wash for up to nineteen hours. The LG TROMM steamwashers are built to be durable and reliable. Other features include the following.

Five temperature levels

Nine programs for washing

Porcelain top

Chrome rimmed door with clear easy to see through glass

White LED tub light

Pedestal drawer for storageOf course, the LG TROMM steamwashers have matching dryers that work just as well as the washers. This set is even designed with a remote control laundering device to make it even more convenient. You can monitor the washer and dryer’s progress from any room in your home using this device. However, you will have to purchase this remote separately.

This is certainly a great washing machine and I love all the options it’s designed with. The price tag on an LG TROMM steamwasher runs around $1500.00 and up so you do need to be prepared to pay more for the excellent service you receive from this machine, but it is worth it.

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