Locating Where the Stress Comes From

There are many reasons why people have stress. It causes many of them to get sick. You can get headaches, migraines, weight loss, fatigue, ulcers, strokes, and heart attacks. There are ways to reduce stress by listening to problems and not getting so involved or solving the money issues by getting a second job. If a second job does not help then try to find ways around it. Here are some reasons why people are so stressed here in the USA.

Raising our children.

We worry how they are every minute of the day. We worry about their future. We want them to not have no problems growing up. They are a responsiblity and cost a lot of money to raise.

Jobs lost.

Many jobs have been lost due to Companies closing down or going out of business. They have gone bankrupt. Many states have limited jobs available.

Job change.

We stress out because another job could pay less money. Maybe, the distant drive back and forth. The environment sometimes we do not like. We need the job, so we just deal with people. The training could be difficult.

Being overweight.

Many people who are overweight tend to want to be alone. They do not like themselves so therefore, they do not like others. They always think people are making fun of them or staring. They are afraid for surgery . Many people are just used to looking a certain way so they just be who they are. Society now judges people to look a certain way. Not too skinny, but if you do see a person who is overweight you ask yourself “why”.

Living alone.

People who live alone become depressed and its not healthy.

Medical Problems.

No one likes to hear when something is going wrong with themselves. They worry and cannot sleep well.

Money issues.

Everyone has got some money issues, whether from credit cards, unpaid bills, or monthly household bills. It can be frustrating when you have a low budget income. You want to do better or get another job. You have to catch up some way, somehow. Most companies will work with you by allowing you to pay a limit a month.

Death or a loss.

It is a part of life when one dies. It can destroy you inside. It is hard to lose a loved one or a friend. Time heals all. The memories you had with that person will last longer.

Moving away.

If you are moving to a new school or place to live it can be scary. Some people get so nervous, excited or just stressed out. No it is not fun. We wonder if we will make new friends, neighbors, or if the move you make is right.

These are just some of the problems people face with life. Every month we figure out how we are going to pay our bills, are we short money, or how can you budget your money. It can be scary. If you have a extra income than it does help but not all the time. Some people spend more than they make.

There are ways you can get help. Maybe a loan or a credit card just to help you catch up. You don’t need to spend too much money. If you are a shopper, cut back. If you spend alot at the market then cut back on the unhealthy items. If you are a gambler then stop it now. If you drink or smoke then cut it now. If you live alone then there are not alot of bills to be paid. It helps, though, to have another source of income. Stress is a part of life everyone faces. No one is perfect.

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