Majoring in Psychology

Psychology has many different fields. You have many different options if you are thinking about a career in psychology. Psychology has become the second leading major for college undergraduates. With Business Management being first. When most people think of psychology, they think of going to someone to talk about their problems. But there is a lot more to psychology than just that. So let me explain the different fields of psychology.

Clinical Psychologists
Clinical psychologists help people with psychological disorders. They treat people that suffer from depression, anxiety, eating disorders, and things along that line.

Counseling Psychologists
Counseling Psychologists is about the same as Clinical Psychologists. Counseling Psychologists deal with people who need guidance, have a hard time dealing with certain situations, or over coming certain obstacles. Counseling Psychologists do not treat people who have serious psychological disorders like Clinical Psychologists do.

School Psychologists
School Psychologists are hired by the school district. They deal with children who have problems that interfere with their learning. They often interview the child, teacher, parents, and other school officials to better help the child.

Educational Psychologists
Now don’t confuse Educational Psychologists and School Psychologists. There is a difference. Educational Psychologists focus more on planning courses and instructional methods for the school system. They don’t focus on the individual child but the school as a whole.

Developmental Psychologists
Developmental Psychologists study the emotional, cognitive, social, and physical change that occurs throughout the lifespan.

Personality Psychologists
Personality Psychologists try to explain human traits to determine influences on feelings, behavior, and the thought process.

Social Psychologists
Social Psychologists study what causes an individuals feelings, thoughts, and their behavior in certain situations. Social Psychologists focus on external and social situations.

Enviromental Psychologists
Enviromental Psychologists study the different ways the enviroment influences peoples behavior and how the peoples behavior influences the envirament. Like how cities and buildings serve, or fail to serve peoples needs.

Forensic Psychologists
Forensic Psychologists work in the criminal field. They serve as witnesses often telling the courts if the defendant is mentally able to stand trial and why the defendant acted the way they did. They also help the law enforcement cope with different situations that they are having difficulty dealing with.

Sports Psychologists
Sports Psychologists help athletes improve their performance. They deal with issues such as the role of emotions in sports, the relationship between sports and psychological well being, and anxiety.

Industrial Psychologists
Industrial Psychologists help with people and work relationships.

Organizational Psychologists
Organizational Psychologists research the behavior of people who belong to organizations like Business Firms.

Human Factors Psychologists
Human Factors Psychologists make technical systems more user friendly.

Consumer Psychologists
Consumer Psychologists study shoppers behavior, to try and predict and influence their behavior. They give supermarkets and stores advice on how to arrange their aisles and how to put advertisements on the windows.

Health Psychologists
Health Psychologists study how behavior and mental process like attitudes are related to physical health. Like stress causes headaches.

You have many options if you are considering majoring in psychology. It all depends on you which field is right for you.

Over half of Psychologists are Clinical Psychologists and Counseling Psychologists.

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