Medication Warnings

The increase of medications available to the public may have its benefits but there are also dangers involved when taking medications as most people know. However, many seem to still lack the knowledge when taking medications. In this day and age almost all medication bottles carry some warnings related to the medication. With warnings galore you may have started becoming indifferent to small print of medication warnings, creating unknown hazards to your health. To avoid injury and to safeguard you health it is important to at least read medication warnings and find out if they are relevant to you.

Ask you Doctor/ Pharmacist: When prescribing a medicine a doctor should ideally let you know if it has any side effects or medication warnings to be adhered to. This is the safest and easiest way to get information about the drug and ensure your safety when taking a medicine.

Allergic Reactions: If you suffer from allergies make sure you read the medication warning and find out if it may cause any allergies. You would necessarily check contents of food packages to ensure they don’t bring on an allergy then why not medicines?

Mixing it up: If you are taking two different medications make sure you read medication warnings to find out if they can be taken together. Some drugs when taken in conjunction can bring on reactions that would not happen if they were taken individually. At times drugs may not mix well with alcohol so necessarily read medication warnings on your medicines if you are going to be drinking.

Can do; can’t do: It may be unsafe to drive or perform motor activity after taking certain drugs like anti-depressants. If you perform an active job around moving machine parts or if you drive yourself, ensure that the drugs you take do not cause sleepiness and inhibit reaction times.

Expiry dates are sacrosanct. If the drug in your hand is beyond its use by date throw it. Not only do expired rugs have less efficacy they can cause dangerous allergic reactions, too.

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