Metal Gear Solid 4: What is to Become of the Man We Love Named Snake?

I have watched the newest 14 minute trailer for the upcoming videogame for the PS3 console Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots by Konomi excellent story by Hideo Kojima. The haunting music begins and we see a much older Snake sitting on some pilings looking at his gun. It makes you wonder … what’s up with Snake?

He talks about a war gone out of control and as he speaks the scene switches to middle eastern country road lined with tanks and metal gears marching in formation through this middle east town then to a truck filled with fighters focusing on one man in the back enjoying a cigarette. The truck stops and he takes cover after the others had run forward to engage the enemy. Then flashes back to the elderly looking Snake saluting the grave of Big Boss. The same scene where a younger Snake once stood saluting his teacher, companion and lover that made you cry at the end of Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater.

Is Snake too old to continue on? Was taking on a final mission too much for him? You get clues as to what his ailments are through the old familiar characters you find in the clip. Otacon, who is still youthful looking providing back up and still the softy crying when he speaks of a final mission, Roy Campbell coming out of retirement to beg him to take out Liquid Snake/Ocelot Revolver who now appears as old as Solid and of course Naomi Hunter talking to him about his body decaying and only having six more months to live leave you wondering … Is this the last of Metal Gear? Please say it isn’t so!

As the Metal Gears used in this game look very similar to MG-Rex from Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty but different. I don’t remember Rex bleating like a cow.

But as Snake runs through the street to get away from one of these Metal Gears he tears off his middle east outfit to reveal the sexy gray sneak suit all metal gear solid fans will recognize complete with the headband. Even if he is a bit aged, he’s sexier than ever in his sneak suit.

After a romp through the ruined town somewhere in the middle east we meet other characters we may run into during the game. Familiar characters as Meryl Silverburg who looks as if she hasn’t aged a bit and after Snake places his gun in his mouth the sudden bang of the title appearing makes you want to cry out NO!!!!!!

But wait … there’s more. Out of nowhere a lone ninja appears to take out a group of Metal Gears and his mask disappears and its Raiden.

Will Raiden carry on the traditional Solid Snake role in future games? Will it be as good as the previous Metal Gear Solid titles? I guess we’ll find out when it hits the shelves sometime in 2007.

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