Mexican Restaurants in Somerville, MA

Somerville, MA is a town just outside the cities of Boston and Cambridge. If you’re located in Somerville, or just passing through, and you’re experiencing a hankering for the cuisine of Mexico, you may distress that you’re going to have a long wait before you satiate that craving. But, don’t fear, your next empanada is not as far away as you think. There are a surprising number of Mexican restaurants in Somerville, MA, with varying styles and degrees of authenticity.

One of the best Mexican Restaurants in Somerville, MA, in this humble writer’s opinion, is Rudy’s CafÃ?© and Tequila Bar, located on Holland Street, not far from Davis Square. Serving up generous portions of Tex Mex cuisine, and an excellent margarita, Rudy’s is dependably delicious with attentive service. True to their name, Rudy’s also boasts an impressive selection of tequila choices. Their chimichangas are nice and crispy, and the enchiladas are yummy! Don’t go after a big lunch, though, because the combo platters are big enough to share!

Looking for a Mexican restaurant with something a little more authentic? You can’t go wrong with Tacos Lupita, a little hole in the wall on Elm Street in the Davis/Porter Square area of Somerville, MA. Don’t let the shabby exterior and rustic ambiance of the restaurant throw you off, Tacos Lupita is one of the best restaurants for Latin American food in the greater Boston area. A Mexican, El Salvadorian cuisine hybrid, this is no Tex Mex or Americanized establishment. The food served at Tacos Lupita is hearty and flavorful, and the service is very friendly. Once you try one of their gortitas, any and all thoughts of the version served up at Taco Bell will immediately be quashed as the real thing makes its presence known!

Are you in a hurry and need a quick fix? No time to sit and soak in the atmosphere in a nice Mexican restaurant? The taqueria is once again gaining in popularity in the US, and Somerville, MA is no exception. Anna’s Taqueria on Elm Street is a good and fast solution. Their steak tacos can put any craving you might be experiencing safely to bed, and the line moves quickly and efficiently.

But, there is no reason for you to take my word for it. What follows is an exhaustive guide to the Mexican restaurants in the city of Somerville, MA. With a little dedication and some stomach filling investigation, you will discover for yourself where the little gems of Mexican cuisine are hidden in the city of Somerville, MA. It’s a dirty job…

Andales Mexican Grill
513 Medford St Ste B
Somerville MA
(617) 625-5454

Anna’s Taqueria
236 Elm St
Somerville MA
(617) 666-3900

El Guapo
704 Broadway
Somerville MA
(617) 591-1200

8 Highland Ave
Somerville MA
(617) 491-1004

Rudy’s CafÃ?©
248 Holland St
Somerville MA
(617) 623-9201

Taco Loco Mexican Grill
44 Broadway
Somerville MA
(617) 625-3830

Tacos Lupita
13 Elm St
Somerville MA
(617) 666-0677

Taqueria La Mexicana
247 Washington St
Somerville MA
(617) 776-5232

Tu Y Yo
858 Broadway
Somerville MA
(617) 623-5411

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