Momma, I Can’t Take it Anymore

Momma, I can’t take it,
Too many trials, and the pain won’t go away,
I have made many mistakes,
All I can feel is a heartache,
Can you make the pain go away,
I can’t take it another day.

My child, I love you,
Trials and tribulations will make you strong,
It seems like I am not there,
But I really care,
I can give you advice,
It is up to you, if you take it,
I can pay all your bills,
But that won’t teach you how to manage your money,
I can buy you a new car,
But you still won’t get far,
There are so many things I can do,
But it will only hurt you,
I have done all I can,
Now it is up to you to make a choice,
Will you listen and hear God’s voice,
He owns everything in this world,
Every mother, father, son, and girl,
He has more favor than the bank can give,
More credit than you will ever use,
He can be every where at one time,
Just tell Him what is on your mind.

I love you my child.

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