The Secrets of Winter

The wind whispers in my ear
Telling me there is nothing to fear
Even as a snowflake falls
And winter starts to take over
The breeze is here to remind me
This happens every year.

The weather slowly turns colder
And we begin to feel older
The roads are slick and icy
As the winter takes hold
We must all remember
That soon it will be over.

Winter will not last forever
Even when we wish it never
But it’s all a part of life
The circle goes on and on
Embrace the winter while it’s here
And warm our hearts together.

Winter brings holiday cheer
Something to look forward to every year
Family and friends celebrating
Sharing our gratitude and love
Without this wonderful season
Our hearts would no longer be as near.

Love the ones that love you
Winter makes way for things anew
Enjoy the silence and peace it brings
And remember it will not last
Spring will be here in the blink of an eye
Snow replaced with the morning dew.

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