Moravian Cookies

When I anchored in Winston Salem I was not aware of the historical background of this city. I happened to visit Old Salem, a small region, which is a part of Winston Salem. From the locals I learned the historical background and about the Moravian settlements of Winston Salem. Here is the home of the delicious Moravian cookies. Though the worlds, fashions and tastes change certain things remain unchanged and join the cluster of classics. Moravian cookies hail from those classic ancient recipes that romantic Europe possessed.

Historians say that the Moravian cookies were born in early seventeen hundreds in the ovens of old city of Salem. Moravian cookie follows a great legacy of craftsmen who migrated to Salem from Moravia. Moravians are people from the eastern third of Czech Republic. Moravian Spice Cookies is believed as originated from Moravia. The recipe was traced three centuries back.

It is made with a blend of finest spices, molasses and dough precisely rolled paper thin, finely cut and baked. Moravian cookies are therefore known as the world’s thinnest cookies. In Winston Salem, I could find some confectionaries that sell only Moravian cookies. The Moravian cookie treats you with different flavors like lemon cookies, ginger cookies, walnut cookies, sugar cookies etc., and gives you an ambrosial experience that you will never forget in your life. I visited a cookie merchant in Old Salem. From him I bought a cookie quartet in which there were four different mouthwatering flavors packed in a tin. A quartet of tin where you can taste four different flavors costs you around fifteen dollars. There are merchants who sell their classic wafers online. Today cookie merchants have introduced a new strategy through which they market these yummy wafers by attaching the tag of ‘gift idea’ to them.

In Winston Salem Moravian cookies are still an unavoidable recipe in the Christmas celebration. There for the cookie sales strike the highest during Christmas. Those who visit Winston Salem can get this classic delicacy from Mrs. Hanes Moravian cookies, Moravian cookie shop and from Winkler Bakery. People from Winston munch this classic delicacy not only with their coffee and tea, but with breakfast, dinner and with all their meals. This phenomenon is simply because its flavor is so titillating and delicious that no one can prevent themselves from eating it.

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