Nashvilles Best Swim Schools

When you think of great swimming do you think of Nashville? Probably not but you should. Filled with many lakes and untold neighborhood swimming holes Nashville is also a wonderful place to learn to swim.

Middle Tennessee Scuba and Swim offers swim lessons to every age group in a 50 x 30 indoor 12′ deep heated pool. Lessons can be private, semi- private or in a small group and teach basic swimming skills, diving, scuba or advanced competition techniques. Lessons are offered year-round. Times range from 10am to 6pm, Monday – Friday. Select hours are also available on Saturdays.

One on one lessons are at times uniquely chosen by you and the cost: $35 per �½ hour lesson. You can learn to swim on the buddy system with a child, family member or friend in the semi-private lessons. The cost: $42.00 per 40 minute session. Add another friend or family member for the small group lessons for the cost of $42.00 per 40 minute session. There are also AquaKidz and Aqua babies program for children. Class includes: swim instruction, swim team type drills, aqua fitness/water aerobics for kids with music, games, team cooperation learning, SASY (Supplied Air Snorkeling for Youth), snorkeling. For information call 615-771-0002.

At Ecxel Aquatics you can receive swim lessons at any level of swim expertise from beginner to competition levels. These are 30-minute classes that meet two (2) times weekly for four (4) weeks. Classes meet Mon/Wed or Tue/Thu.

Beginner I: Students entering this group have little or no experience in the water, and will be taught basic water adaptation skills such as putting face in the water, breath holding, and assisted floating.

Beginner II: This class is designed for students who have some experience in the water, and are capable of placing their face in the water. The goal is to master the prone float, and back float unassisted.

Advanced I: For more advanced swimmers who have mastered floating, and underwater swimming. Students will be taught the basic techniques of freestyle, and backstroke including roll breathing.

Advanced II: Swimmers in this group will refine the techniques of freestyle and backstroke, and move into the basics of butterfly and breaststroke.

Excel Experts: Designed for summer league competitors who chose to fine-tune technique, and maintain some level of conditioning throughout the fall, winter, and spring months. Minimum requirement: all swimmers must be able to complete a 25 yd. free and back non-stop. Class meets one time per week. Cost: $50/mo.

Private Lessons: These lessons are for children (ages 3 & up) or adults, and may be scheduled with the Swim School Director pending availability. Cost: $100 for four 30 minute classes. Call Karen at 615-370-3471 Ext. 23.

The Seastar swim school is a decade old aquatic education environment specializing in infant and toddler swim lessons.Sea Star Swim School is the leader in the Nashville Community in offering free seminars annually to inform and educate the community on infant/toddler safety around the pool. The program is designed for children six months and older, and are conducted by a teacher certified by the National Swim School Association (NSSA). For additional information Call the Sea Star office at (615) 822-8800

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