Naturally Preferred Organic Semolina Spaghetti Review

For some time now I have tried out many different brands of organic whole wheat spaghettis. Some of the brands that I tried included Delallo Organic Whole Wheat Pasta, LifeStream Organic Whole Grain & Flax Spaghetti and Westbrae Natural Organic Whole Wheat Spaghetti. Unfortunately I started to notice a reoccurring incident every time that I ate a lot of whole wheat. I usually had such an increase in milk supply, I am nursing at the moment, that I ended up with a plug duct. However I wasn’t ready to get rid of whole wheat pasta completely and decided to cook half and half. I took this opportunity to try out Naturally Preferred Organic Semolina Spaghetti.

I previously had tried out Naturally Preferred Organic Whole Wheat Spaghetti but only had Safeway O Organic Whole Wheat Spaghetti on hand and so that is what I used with the Naturally Preferred Organic Semolina Spaghetti. I had tried other items from Naturally Preferred and had been enjoying the brand, and knowing that I already liked their whole wheat spaghetti I hoped to like their semolina spaghetti as well. The spaghetti cooked up in less than fifteen minutes and turned out to be very tasty. I was certainly going to keep it in mind the next time that I needed to get some spaghetti. One thing that I wondered about though was how the nutrition would be, as having a healthy pasta is very important to me.

I scanned the box of Naturally Preferred Organic Semolina Spaghetti for its ingredients. Spaghettis tend to have one ingredient and this spaghetti was no exception, and it listed organic durum wheat semolina as its one and only ingredient. The box contained eight servings, which were fifty six grams worth of spaghetti. In this serving size there is two hundred and ten calories with only ten calories from fat. The spaghetti did not have any sodium or cholesterol and only had three grams of sugars. There was forty two grams of carbohydrates in each serving as well as two grams of fiber and seven whole grams of protein. Lastly it was mentioned that their was eight percent of your daily need of iron but no calcium, vitamin A or vitamin C was found in this spaghetti. I thought that the nutrition facts looked very good and as a vegetarian was very happy about the protein content.

Overall I was very pleased with the Naturally Preferred Organic Semolina Spaghetti. I especially liked that it came in a box, as oppose to a bag. The box could later be recycled where as a bag would just end up in a land fill. Something that I noticed with the whole wheat spaghetti of Naturally Preferred was that their box was able to be closed again and this was also true of the semolina spaghetti box. This came in handy because not only did I not finish the entire box but also I was able to add some whole wheat spaghetti to it. Now the next time that I make spaghetti I already have the right amount of whole wheat and semolina spaghetti that I want to cook in one container.

All in all the Naturally Preferred Organic Semolina Spaghetti turned out to be a very good product. I would recommend it to anyone that didn’t care for whole wheat spaghetti but still wanted something that was healthy and organic. The sixteen ounce box of this spaghetti only cost two dollars and nineteen cents and I thought that it was well worth the price. If I am able to find it on sale I will be sure to stock up.

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