New Orleans’ Top Five Pizza Joints

New Orleans is well-known for great cuisine. Beignets, Crawfish Monica, coffee with chicory, HurricanesâÂ?¦ pizza. Pizza? Those round Italian pies may not be synonymous with the Big Easy, but there are many original pizza inventions to keep locals full and happy. Here’s a list of the top five places where locals go for pizza, in alphabetical order:

1.Caf�© Nino, 1510 S. Carrollton Avenue (Uptown)
How do you know you’re at a great New Orleans eatery? When you’ve found a tiny hole-in-the-wall place with cracked vinyl floors and poor lighting. CafÃ?© Nino is just such a place, putting all their expertise into the food, offering pasta dishes and chicken entrees along with their signature dish-their pizza. The toppings are thick sliced and fighting each other for space, which is hard to find because the toppings are piled on so thick! Pick up your pie or have it delivered, just be sure to order some Garlic Knots with dipping sauce to go with it-Delicioso!

2.Caf�© Roma, Eight locations across the city and Westbank
There’s a reason why CafÃ?© Roma has spread to eight locations across the Crescent City; it’s because locals from all over demanded this excellent food be offered in their neighborhood! Home to some of the first ‘gourmet’ pizzas in New Orleans, CafÃ?© Roma long ago perfected Spinach and Feta pizzas with white sauce and pies topped with fresh basil and tomato slices. Add a Greek salad to the side and you’ve got quite a meal!

3.Figaro’s Pizzeria, 7900 Maple Street (University Area)
Located within easy walking distance of both Tulane and Loyola Universities, Figaro’s offers gourmet pizzas and specialty pasta dishes in an upscale atmosphere. The wine list is well-rounded and the covered outside patio makes Figaro’s worth the visit in most any weather. The dessert list is not to be missed.

4.Louisiana Pizza Kitchen, 615 S. Carrollton Avenue (Riverbend Area)
Louisiana Pizza Kitchen has been a local hangout for many years. Pizzas are offered in individual sizes, so everyone at the table can get their favorite toppings and not have to share. This one is a step off the streetcar -literally-in a great part of town for tourists and new students to visit.

5.Reginelli’s Pizzeria, 741 State Street (Uptown) or 5608 Citrus Blvd. (Harahan)
While pizza is the rightful star of Reginelli’s menu, don’t forget the sandwiches and specialty dishes. At the Uptown location, outdoor tables and large picture windows offer views of Uptown’s majestic Oaks, and this neighborhood is full of quaint shops within easy walking distance. The food is consistently good and the service is friendly.

These five pizza joints are best bets for delicious pies, but make them your starting point for discovering great food in New Orleans. Have other lunch or dinner questions? Ask the locals at any of these restaurants. We’re happy to share our food secrets.

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