New World Order

New World Order

The goal of corporations today is the eventual reduction of $60,000/yr. jobs to $20,000/yr pay scale. Now I’m sure that will do wonders for profits which will be divided among the 5,000 millionaires and 500 billionaires. Who knows, maybe there will eventually only be billionaires and the rest of us. In feudal times there were the lords and the peasants; is that what our wealthy long for – -the good ‘olde days?

The reason why I bring it up is that for a nation to have 100 million workers lose 2/3 of their wages will make $ 4 Trillion (with a T) evaporate off the earth in consumption, a non-capitalistic thing to do for sure. The retail sector would be more upset if it weren’t for the low pay they’re getting away with and the assurance of 100-200 million immigrants a year pouring over our totally unprotected borders that will need the basics and therefore keep the overall sales numbers growing.

So, now we know the men in charge are not Capitalists. They’re not Americans either, for who would destroy their nation on purpose. They’re not Communists, because they take from those that can’t afford it and give it to those that don’t need it. They’re not Globalists, because every country is worse off after the trade agreements. They’re certainly not Humanitarians, look at the Katrina victims today, months after the disaster. They’re not Liberals, the cut backs in education and safety nets for the most vulnerable prove that. They’re not Conservatives, looking at the trade deficit and spending at higher rates than any time in history. And finally, they’re certainly not Christians, as evidenced by what they do to the least of us.

I’m afraid what we have is the establishment of the New World Order. Where a tiny fraction of the world’s population own everything, including the torn, ragged clothes we wear to the Master’s Work Pits, where we all slave 20 hours a day for rancid water and moldy bread. Good luck turning that into a glass half-full.

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