Office Party Ideas

When you work closely in an office environment it’s natural to want to celebrate every now and then. Here are a few simple ways that you and your co-workers can add a little fun to your work environment without adding any additional stress.

Split up Birthday Duty

For Peggy’s birthday last year four people baked cakes and three of you brought cards saying “From All Of Us”. Janet’s birthday was the next week, and remembering the overload of cakes and cards from the week before no one brings a card or a cake leaving Janet’s celebration a little lack luster. So how do you make sure everyone gets a cake and a card, but the office doesn’t go home on a cake overload sugar high? Split up birthday duty.

The absolute easiest way to do this is to write down everyone’s birthday on a calendar. Each person is responsible for bringing a cake and a card for the person who’s birthday is right AFTER their. Theoretically, you will still be on a high from the fantastic birthday celebration the office just threw you so you should be generous with the next persons. It is also A LOT easier to remember a birthday that is a few days or weeks after your own rather than a random birthday days or weeks in advance. This way everyone is guaranteed to get a celebration as well, and you don’t end up with event overload.

Have an eat a thon for Holidays

For holiday celebrations try to have an eat a thon with your co-workers. Plan the date well in advance and have a sign up sheet for all of those who want to participate. Everyone brings their favorite dish. You set up all of the food in one area and then graze throughout the day on all of the food. Everyone leaves work for the day stuffed, and no one person has the burden of preparing a meal for everyone. An eat a thon can also be fun even when a holiday isnt approaching.

White Elephant

Doesn’t it seem that you always have to purchase a secret santa present for the one person in your office you don’t know, or even the one person you dislike? Instead of doing a secret Santa, try doing a white elephant party instead. Everyone brings one gift they have received that they absolutely do NOT want. Everyone sits in a circle with the presents in the center. The first person picks a present. The second person can either take the first persons present, or pick one of their own. If they take the first persons gift then that person selects a new gift from the center of the circle. The gift giving (and taking) continues on until it reaches the end of the circle. Everyone leaves with a presnt, and gets rid of something they dont want.For once it pays to be last!

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