Older Women in Society: Is 50 the New 30?

I’m over the hill and it’s hard swallowing that pill. My buddy Char-lee said the new 50 is 20 years younger. According to whom? According to the census on American health and welfare? So there’s a new guideline in town that dictates what our ‘true’ ages are – like the money guidelines that check for inflation? So now my age is inflated, much like those college degrees no doubt. The ones everyone’s burying themselves in debt over.

Who or what rose from the dead to create an age Zhar? Was it the Bush administration trying to live forever in our minds if not in our policies. The American public has become nothing more than tinker toys for these boys. I don’t think women would put the future of social security at such risk. I mean all us single aging women have left to call our own is our social security. If they take that away we’ll have nothing. Many gals of my generation won’t be collecting widow benefits. And we certainlly can’t go out and stand on the corner and think we can compete with those young tarts in thongs and such. But then on the other hand there are an increasing number of younger men pursuing older women. But let’s face it; some of those older women gots buckaroos. Ain’t nobody marrying for love in that camp…maybe for lust but not for love. Well maybe for love of money.

I think older women are a lot more appealing than older men are anyway – with or without buckaroos. We’re willing to be more inventive. Many eldery men try to hold on to their youth via old beliefs about who’s the boss and who has the power. Old habits can be harder to break. The younger woman is usually not a woman but an older girl so to speak. Now an older woman is way better because she is out of control. She has let go of her old ways of holding up the world, serving her family and her husband and PTA meetings. That older woman is all about self-satisfaction and can not maintain an old man any longer. NO SIR! After 50 that kundalini rises and watch out whom ever is snuggling on the other side of that explosive reality! When that 1st chakra goes, boy you’re looking at a new woman. She might be a little dimpled on the outside but she’s right as a bucking bronco on the inside. No old man can bridle her unless…he’s in gooooood shape.

I guess that’s why some people are saying the new 50 is 30 and the new 60 is 40 and so on. Maybe somebody couldn’t tame his released woman. I mean, women do change after passing 50. You find it easier to say “No! That is not what I am saying!” Or “Don’t put words in my mouth you…” and stuff like that. But the road we travel is still narrow. And our purses are still lighter than our male counterparts. Money is power.

So, although my age may be inflated – a little – AND my purse – a lot, please don’t take my social security from me Mr. Tax Man. I will need every penny for the pill I must swollow upon my decent down a very steep hill along a fairly narrow road toward my own promised land of Easy Retirement. And to hire some younger man to help work out the kinks in my Kundalini.

Viva les Gray Panthers….

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